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Are you anticipating the warmer weather but don’t feel like you’re ready to be seen?

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Learn the ways of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Let’s live the sweet life, La Dolce Vita, together.

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Simple Ways To Ease Into a Mediterranean Diet

Learn how to shop, prepare, and follow the basic tenets of a Mediterranean diet.

Create new small healthy habits that lead to big results over time.

If you’re interested in learning about the Mediterranean diet and how to improve your overall health, this is the best way to get started.

Simple Ways To Ease Into a Mediterranean Diet
A Moment of Peace


Join me for A Moment of Peace.

Learn simple ways to relax.

Relieve anxiety. Quiet your mind. Have fun at the same time.

Also, enjoy a brief guided meditation where you get to be a mermaid.

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A New Perspective

A New Perspective

This is a story about beets, wine, youth, a new perspective, and being grateful. I was reminded recently that Americans have a very limited view of the world. I'm not talking politics or global affairs. I'm talking living life, what we eat, and how we see things. I...

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What To Do When You’ve Got the Blues

What To Do When You’ve Got the Blues

Snow is in the forecast for New Jersey. In the meantime, the air is icy cold, and it’s a little foggy when I look out my window. The house is chilly. The air is dry. My hands are dry. My feet are dry. The trees are bare. These are the times when the blues set in. The...

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