While I would never presume to tell you what style is best for you, there are some timeless pieces that can make your wardrobe look more elegant and expensive, even on a budget. Here are 10 elegant wardrobe basics every woman should own.

1. A good-fitting bra. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size for their figures. Get fitted by a professional. You may be surprised at the difference. Proper undergarments can make or break an outfit. You’ll also be more comfortable throughout the day.

2. Tailored blazer. You may want to have several well-made blazers in your wardrobe. Start with one in a solid neutral color, like black or white. A black blazer can take you from the office to dinner. A white blazer looks rich. A navy blazer with a turtleneck gives off a prep school vibe. I also love to have a tweed blazer in a riding jacket style. That’s my personal taste.

3. Heels that are not too high. During the daytime, wear flats or low-heeled shoes. In the evening, you may want a higher heel, but keep them reasonable. You want to be comfortable as well as stylish. Super high stilettos will always look cheap.

4. Structured handbag. A structured bag in any color you choose, will look neat and elegant. Avoid floppy or oversized bags. They can be great for the beach or to use as a diaper bag. But a structured bag will always look timeless and classy.

5. Black basics. I like to have a basic black pair of trousers, a black pencil skirt, a little black dress, and a well-cut black blazer. Black basics always look good.

6. Twin sets. I love a cashmere sweater set in pretty colors. They always look elegant. You can also find them in wool, cotton, or a silk knit blend. Add a brooch or a rope of pearls and you’ll look like an heiress or a princess.

7. Dark jeans in a cut that suits your shape. Avoid holes, patches, embroidery, and bedazzles. Opt for flawless dark denim. They look great with boots, sneakers, or sandals. Get a pair with a little stretch for comfort.

8. Ladylike dresses. Think Kate Middleton. She always looks elegant and refined. Her cuts are modest, fitted to her figure, and appropriate for the situation. She wears classic subdued colors that do not attempt to outshine the queen.

9. A tailored coat. A classic trench for rainy days or a tailored wool coat for winter can dress up any outfit. It’s important to have the proper clothing for various weather situations.

10. Scarves. I love to dress up outfits with colorful silk and knit scarves. They come is all shapes, sizes, and prints. Go crazy with the patterns. Have fun with it. They can make a statement and keep you warm at the same time.

Do you have any ideas to add to my list of elegant wardrobe basics? Which one is your favorite?

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