There are bad habits and there are good habits. Replace the bad habits with healthy lifestyle habits and you’ll see an overall improvement in your happiness and well-being.

Plan Ahead
Don’t wait for things to happen to you. Make them happen by planning them out strategically. Set goals, write them down, break them down into smaller tasks, and you’ve got yourself a strategy. Planning ahead will put you on a course for success.

Stop Comparing
Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re already amazing. You don’t need to copy anyone else. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence and on Instagram. Comparing only promotes jealousy, self-worth issues, sadness and stress. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” No one can do it like you. Show them how it’s done.

Make Time for Friends
Spend time with your friends outside of family time. Friends serve a different purpose in our lives. You can tell things to your friends that you would never tell your significant other, your sibling, or your parent. Friends are special like that.

Add some type of movement to your life every day. Walk, dance, skip, run, cartwheel, stretch, saunter, groove. Get moving and get some juice in your joints. You’ll feel so good.

Drink lots of water. It’s the best thing for your health. Experts vary on how much water you need each day. Generally, 6-8 glasses a day. But you know your body best. Decide what makes you feel good.

Your body heals itself while you sleep. It also burns calories while you slumber. Make time for bed. You’ll look and feel better, and will face the day with a clearer mind and a well-rested attitude.

Try Something New
Push yourself regularly. Try a new food, read a book on a new topic, learn a new skill. Nothing will keep you young like constantly learning something new.

Listen to Your Body
Your body knows when you’re tired. It knows when you’re not eating right. It knows when you need love and attention. Listen.

Learn how to make a few healthy meals. Cooking is the only way to really know what ingredients are in your food. Find a good cookbook and learn how to prep ingredients, chop vegetables, marinate, plan menus, and utilize leftovers.

Take Time for Yourself
Read a book. Light a candle. Give yourself a facial. Take yourself on a date. Buy yourself flowers. Meditate. Get to know yourself.

What are some of your healthy lifestyle habits? Share them in the comments section below. I love to learn from all of you as well.