What do you think of when you hear the phrase la dolce vita? Do you think of the Fellini movie with Marcello Mastroianni fishing the luscious Anita Ekberg from the Trevi Fountain? Or perhaps you think of enjoying a beautiful plate of pasta with an Aperol Spritz while overlooking the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea? La dolce vita literally means the sweet life in Italian. If you want to live a La Dolce Vita Lifestyle, start by taking pleasure in every aspect of life. Here are 10 ways to live la dolce vita, and make your life a little bit sweeter.

10 Ways To Live La Dolce Vita

1. Revel in Beauty
Italy’s nickname is la bel paese, the beautiful country. Italy is famous for its beautiful scenery, architecture, and renaissance art. Take your cue from Italy, and beautify your surroundings. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary by making it more beautiful. Decorate with color, add flowers, beautiful glassware, and objets d’art from your travels. Let beauty inspire you to create a sweet life in your home, your garden, your wardrobe, and your meals.

2. Explore History
Italy has a rich history that extends back over thousands of years of civilization. Wherever you are in the world, learn about the cultures, traditions, and events that defined that area. If you want to understand yourself better, learn about the history and stories that brought your family to where it is today. Get curious about the historical sites in your area. Learn the stories of the past to understand the present. Learn from the older members of your family and your neighbors. Hear their stories, learn their recipes, and allow them to teach you lessons from the past.

3. Take Your Time
Savor everything. Eat slowly and enjoy each bite of your food. Don’t just drink the wine, but smell it, taste it, swirl it around in your mouth, and really feel its history. And never utter the phrase, “I don’t have time for that.” The secret to a sweet life, the key to la dolce vita, is to make time, take time, and to spend time wisely. Time is all we’ve got. Spend it with loved ones doing things that you love. Live each moment. We’re all busy. To live a good life there needs to be a balance between pursuing your career and pursuing your life. Make time for life.

4. Value Relationships
Human connection is the key to happiness. Share the joys of life with family and friends. It’s the healthiest way to live. Meals are made for sharing. Bottles of wine are made for sharing. Sunsets are made for sharing. Find your people, the ones who lift you up, support you, and enjoy all the crazy things about you. I enjoy my alone time, but I also enjoy sharing life with others. I like to be able to say, “look at that landscape, isn’t it beautiful.” Or “Isn’t this wine delicious.” You don’t have to go through this life alone. Make it even sweeter by sharing it with others.

5. Do It In Style
What discussion of la dolce vita would be complete without a mention of style. Italy is the land of beautiful fabrics, fabulous leather accessories, and glamorous people. Create a distinctive style for yourself that transcends time and trends, and is unique to you. Perhaps it’s in the way you tie your scarf, or the accessories you choose, or your ability to mix patterns. Your style defines your identity. Take time to find your style and show it to the world.

6. Jazz Up Your Life
Make the hours of your day mean something. Don’t rush through them. Start the day with a fabulous coffee or beverage of your choice. Sit down and enjoy it. Buy a high quality coffee and enjoy one cup, instead of a whole pot of that bargain brand. Take time for a sit-down lunch in the afternoon. Give yourself a much-needed break from the business of the day. After work, don’t sit on your couch eating a pizza and watching television. Go out and have a slow, relaxing dinner with someone you love. Or cook at home and then take a walk and enjoy the evening breeze.

7. Eat the Mediterranean Way
A Mediterranean diet is full of delicious foods while being beneficial to your health. A Mediterranean diet is not a life of lack. You don’t need to cut out carbs or drink smoothies. And believe me when I tell you that no one does the Mediterranean diet quite like the Italians. Who doesn’t love Italian food. Every region of Italy does food in their own way, so you’ll never get bored. The food is prepared simply with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Your heart will love you for it.

8. Buy Local and Shop Small
Support your neighbors and your area by sourcing local ingredients and buying from local artisans. Whether you are buying locally grown food, furniture made by a nearby collective, or bath products handmade by your neighbor, you will get unique items made with care that support a family instead of a corporation. Why fill your life with things that everyone else has, because you all shopped at Target. Seek out exclusive items made by interesting people.

9. Remember That Less Is More
Do you have a closet full of clothes you don’t love? Replace them with key pieces that you collect over time. Choose timeless styles that will last you a lifetime. Is your home cluttered with things, stuff, and junk. Clearing up your surroundings can bring peace of mind, and allow room for new wonderful things in your life. Get rid of anything that adds stress or doesn’t make you happy. More hardly ever means better. Be choosy and buy less.

10. Enjoy Nature
Get some fresh air and sunshine. Sit outside and enjoy your morning coffee. Watch the sunset with a friend. Take a walk and say hello to your neighbors. Dine al fresco at a cute little cafe. Soak up some of the sun’s Vitamin D and enjoy the scenery. Watch the people walking by. Get out of the house and be a part of things

Do you see a pattern emerging? Living la dolce vita is all about savoring life, taking pleasure in simple things, being mindful of each moment, and looking glamorous while doing it.

Which of these 10 ways to live la dolce vita inspired you the most? Try them one by one and see if they make your life a little sweeter.

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