I thought about creating a gift guide for Valentine’s Day, but we all have enough stuff, right?. We probably even have too much stuff. Instead I created a list of 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day activities and gestures to show your love to your partner, parents, children, friends, or anyone special in your life.

1. Cook them a healthy delicious meal with a fabulous dessert. Make it colorful with lots of interesting vegetables. Design the dinner in courses with a fun appetizer, a salad, your main dish, and finish with a beautiful cake or cookies. Or try my recipe for heart-shaped brownies. Fun for the whole family.

2. Write them a love letter, a letter of appreciation, a poem, or a song. Get creative. Put your feelings on paper. If you’re too shy to express yourself, write out a famous love poem or one of Shakespeare’s Sonnets on a pretty piece of paper. Or write them a funny song. My dad was always making up little songs for us when we were kids. I still remember them today.

3. Give them a DIY book of activity coupons with things you can do together. Include things like take a walk in the park together, ride a bike, dancing in the living room, at-home wine tasting, picnic in bed, take a cooking class, watch the sunset, work out together, or think up fun athletic adventures you can take with your kids.

4. Make them a playlist of love songs, romantic music, dance music, or their favorite chill out tunes. Then enjoy the music together. Playlists are the new mix tapes.

5. Plan a board game night. Despite all of the online games and virtual reality headsets, old-fashioned board games are in style right now. You can do this as a couple, with the whole family, or with a group of friends. Have plenty of fun snacks. Make it a chill Valentine’s Day without all the commercialization.

Life is the journey. Experiences are worth far more than things. Be creative when thinking up ideas for Valentine’s Day activities. What does your partner or your family enjoy doing together? They’ll remember the fun, creative moments you spent together for the rest of their lives.