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Dear Dream Chase

Dear Dream Chaser,

This is my special gift to you for Valentine’s Day. I’ve recorded a love letter to you. It’s a meditation that you can listen to and be inspired. On this day that celebrates love, I want to celebrate you, my loyal readers. You can listen to the MP3 below or download it to your iTunes or computer. It is designed to be very relaxing, so please do not listen while you are driving. Listen to it while you are cozied up for the night. You’ll also find the words written out below the audio track.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dear Dream Chaser,

You are inspiring

what you do matters

you are love

you can conquer anything

you will succeed with positivity

you are beauty

you are passion-inspired

proceed with elegance

you are vibrant and confident

you have true power

lead with compassion

you have value and purpose

you have a legacy to leave, a legacy of dreams

you are luminous and beautiful

shine your light

you are loved

you have superpowers

you can handle anything

conquer negativity

lead with value and purpose

share your gifts with the world

you are vibrant

your dreams are important

your dreams will become a reality

you are fearless

lead the way

you are an artist in an entrepreneur’s body

you will break through

your dreams have value

you are worthy

lead by example

take the road less traveled

you are light

you are enough

plant your roots

show someone the way

this is your path

you can continue

take the next step

you will succeed

enjoy the journey

see the colors

you are glowing

the world will notice

you’ve got this

you are not alone

you are love

You are a dream chaser.


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