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Afternoon Tea - Overview

Preparing a meal can be as enjoyable as eating it. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making afternoon tea. But you know I love rituals. That’s why I adore tea time. Once in a while I pull out my good tea set and make a proper afternoon tea.

I find it soothing to slice the vegetables, mix the salads, and cut the breads into little shapes. Arranging the sandwiches into patterns makes the meal look more festive.

I even blended my own tea by mixing Russian Caravan and Oolong.

I didn’t have the ingredients to make scones, so I cheated and bought a gigantic one at the store along with a jar of clotted cream. I sliced some fresh strawberries and there was one course done. This is usually called cream tea.

For a heartier meal, I made sandwiches of egg salad, watercress and cucumber, watercress and smoked salmon, and open-faced sandwiches of cream cheese with Daikon and French radishes. Recently I was reading that watercress is the number one superfood. I’ve also heard amazing things about Daikon radishes. So, while this tea was indulgent, it was also nutritious.

Whenever I’ve had afternoon tea at a teahouse, they offer a pre-tea cocktail while you wait, usually a mimosa or Kir Royale. I found a pretty strawberry-flavored sparkling wine at the market. It made a lovely starter.

It was a very warm day, so I skipped having a hot dish. There was plenty to eat without it. I also saved the macarons for later. After the scone and strawberries, there was just no more room in my tummy.

Have you ever made an afternoon tea? What did you serve?


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