September is the time of year that feels like a fresh start. The kids are back to school. The warm summer days are starting to get cooler. It’s time to get back at it. Even though you may not actually be going back to school, it still feels like a time of renewal and beginnings. I’ve created a back-to-school shopping guide for entrepreneurs to make this time of year a little more fun. The items are inexpensive and can help refresh your office space.

As an entrepreneur, September is the time when I look back on the year and prepare for the last quarter. It’s also my birthday month, and that makes me feel like a brand new year is beginning.

I love office products. I think in another life I must have run a beautiful office supply store. And as a Virgo (September birthday) I’m always looking for ways to get organized.

I’ve curated a list of pretty office accessories to help get your business plans and goals organized in style.

Post-It Notes

Post-it Super Sticky Notes
In my home office I have a sticky note wall that I’ve designed to give me an overall look at my year. I place 12 blue sticky notes across in a row that I label with the names of the months. Then vertically I place color-coded sticky notes with my milestone goals for that month.

I’ve been using this system since I was a managing editor of a large online publishing company. Pro tip: Use Post-It Note brand sticky notes. Any other brand I’ve tried will curl up and eventually fall off the wall. That’s why I buy the super stick notes. They don’t budge.

Mr. Pen Highlighters

Mr. Pen Aesthetic Highlighters
Most highlighter pens come in neon colors. This set of “aesthetic” highlighters are in pretty pastel shades. They give a more mature feel to your highlighted material instead of making your books look like college textbooks.

I also use these pens in my planner and to help map out some of my color-coded worksheets that I then recreate in a program like Canva. This set comes with 16 pastel-colored pens.

Mr. Pen pastel plastic folders

Mr. Pen Plastic Folders
In keeping with the pastel theme, this set of durable plastic folders come in a mix of pastel shades. They have pockets inside to help organize your paperwork.

Choosing a pastel aesthetic for your home work space will make it look more chic and organized. This set includes five folders.

Mr. Pen round transparent sticky notes

Mr. Pen Transparent Sticky Notes
How cute are these round transparent sticky notes. I can think of a bazillion uses for these. You can put them in your planner. You can use them to mark passages in a book, or to leave a note for someone. You could use them to color code your papers and notes.

With their round shape and interesting colors, they elevate the look of small sticky notes. This set comes with four pads totaling 200 notes, and a quick-dry felt-tip pen.

Mr Pen Dry Erase Board

Mr. Pen Dry Erase Board
I think I’m obsessed with Mr. Pen. They have the cutest office products and back-to-school supplies. This small dry erase board is perfect to hang on your wall. You can use it to write yourself reminders or to post urgent messages.

This board has a pastel colored frame to make it look cute. It measures 14” x 11” and comes with a black dry erase marker.

pencil set with complimentary sayings Graphite Pencil Set with Compliments
This pencil set features complimentary sayings to remind you of how wonderful you are.

Sayings like “You’re a total champ” and “Yes, You Totally Can.” can make your work day a lot more pleasant. It’s nice to hold something so positive in your hands.

Set includes ten no. 2 pencils with erasers.

pastel colored notebooks

Set of Spiral-Bound Notebooks
I like to keep a small notebook with me at all times. You never know when inspiration will hit you, and you want to write it down. If I don’t write down my ideas, I will forget them. When you get a multicolored set of notebooks, you can assign them to different topics. You can also use these little books as a personal journal.

This set comes with five spiral-bound pastel colored notebooks. Each notebook measures 6” x 8” and has 120 lined pages.

Seagate external hard drive

Seagate Portable 1TB External Hard Drive
When was the last time you backed up your computer? Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Back up your files now. I have several of these drives. They are durable and easy to use.

This external hard drive holds 1TB of data. You can use it to back up your files. Or you can use it to take large files to a business meeting. If you are an artist, this can be your portable portfolio. It simply plugs in to your laptop and connects as an additional drive.

LED colored light bulbs

LED Colored Light Bulbs
These are my newest obsession. These colored light bulbs can change the mood of a room. Have you ever flown first class on a Virgin Airlines flights? They envelop the cabin in a soft purple glow, and it creates a relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to create a certain vibe in your office space, try playing with light. These bulbs fit into a regular lamp. Simply swap out bulbs. You can also use these colored bulbs to make an interesting background for video shoots.

Set includes six bulbs in a variety of colors.

La Dolce Vita journal

La Dolce Vita Journal
Last but certainly not least, is my own La Dolce Vita Journal. I designed this notebook myself to use as a journal, but I find I’m using them for lots of things. This paperback journal features my La Dolce Vita logo on the cover against a soothing beige background.

The notebook has 120 lined pages. Each page has a small doodle in the corner to keep it interesting. The doodles represent aspects of a La Dolce Vita lifestyle.

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