I see a disturbing trend in the media, where people are being called out as food snobs for wanting to eat healthy, organic, non-GMO, seasonal or vegetarian. I read a magazine article recently where the author criticized a popular food writer for visiting a California farm and praising all its beautiful produce. The magazine went on to say that the writer was being elitist because not everyone can afford kale, or wants to learn how to make it palatable. And even went on to say that you can’t find these foods in a regular market in a strip mall.

This is whack. It’s just political rhetoric.

Eating farm to table has nothing to do with income. In fact, I spend far less money when I buy vegetables than when I buy meat, processed foods, fast food, or anything else at the market. I’ve never had trouble finding kale in any supermarket or finding ways to enjoy it.

I’m not living among elite society in southern New Jersey. I find my local south Jersey supermarkets to be full of low quality meats and processed foods galore. Is it any wonder that I search elsewhere? Despite the sorry meat counter, these supermarkets are still stocked with plenty of seasonal vegetables. I don’t have to go out of my way or on an elitist food snob journey to find turnip greens, Swiss chard, dandelion greens, or foods the magazine called out like English peas, kale and mint.

I’m even growing purslane in a pot in my kitchen. I bought the seeds for $2.69. It’s supposedly one of the healthiest things you can eat. It’s not breaking my bank account I assure you.

I’d like to know what the magazine author eats, or how eating farm-fresh foods can be considered elitist.

There is so much political money being thrown around to support our sick food industry. I encourage you to make your own decisions about food. I know I feel better when I eat plenty of healthy vegetables. And I save money on my food bills. If that makes me a food snob, I’m proud of it.

The majority of food we’ve eaten in this country for the last few decades has been making us sick, obese, and stupid. Heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, can all be improved with better eating habits and fresher ingredients.

I’m not a doctor but I look at the evidence in my own life. I urge you to do the same.

I’d rather be a food snob than eat the processed, pre-packaged cheap food that is so readily available in our country. Is it any wonder that people are going back to the farms? And now they are being criticized for making intelligent decisions about their eating habits.

For shame.

You can eat a bunch of crap and feel terrible about yourself. Or you can eat healthy, fresh, farm-based foods that nourish you from the inside. And you’ll save money. There’s nothing elitist about it.

Take a stand. Be a proud food snob. You’re worth it.