Now that I’m a little bit older, I’ve had to change my beauty routines. When I was younger I could pat on some powder and a bit of lip balm and be on my way. Now I have to work a little harder. Especially going on camera, I need to wear more makeup or I look completely washed out. This article is about beauty for women of a certain age.

When I think about what I used to be able to get away with on my face in my twenties, those days when I could wash my face with any soap and not feel dry, when I could put a little powder on my nose to reduce shine and be done with it.

Now I can’t wash my face without following immediately with a moisturizer or else my skin tightens up. A little powder does nothing to cover up the hormonal redness on my cheeks and around my nose. I never used concealer until recently because I never needed it. Now it’s my best friend. Of course, a healthy diet and a sincere smile can do wonders for your complexion. But this article is about how cosmetics can help us as we get older.

My eyebrows have disappeared. That’s what prompted me to write an article about how to improve your brows. I had to learn how to fill them in and still have them look natural. Let’s not even discuss the chin hairs. I didn’t have to get older to get them, they come with being Italian.

I’ve always had very pale skin, and my lips are also a very pale pink. Now I have developed white spots around the cupid’s bow. The pigment has disappeared. So where I once could get away with a little lip balm, I now need to fill in with a pencil liner. I don’t always bother except when I’m going on camera.

I now look for makeup that has a little illuminator in it to brighten my complexion. I love a little cheek highlighter. It does wonders. A little contour under my cheekbones and on the sides of my nose make my face have more angles for the camera. My round face and pale skin have a tendency to look flat once the lights are on me.

I adore makeup and skin care, and I love trying new products. As I find things that I like, I’ll share them with you. I buy everything I use, so these will not be sponsored posts.

What are your favorite beauty products? Do you have any secrets to share that could help as we get a little bit older?