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You can live the sweet life, ripe with passion, good health, beautiful food, surrounded by amore. That’s La Dolce Vita.

Feeling Good

I'm two weeks into my immersion into the Mediterranean diet and Italian lifestyle, and I'm feeling good. Feeling good is important for all aspects of your life. My mind is clear, my attitude is wholesome and positive, my body is getting stronger, and I'm...

Green Bean Potato Salad

This recipe for Green Bean Potato Salad was part of my first video for Vlogust 2017. You can access the video here. I served it with salmon baked in a packet. It's part of my Mediterranean lifestyle immersion I'm concentrating on for the entire month of...

Rustic Peach Pie

Southern New Jersey is known for its delicious peaches. This year has been a particularly brilliant crop. The weather has been perfect, and the peaches are simply delectable. You can buy them by the peck, half-peck, or individually at the local farm...

What To Do When You Have the Blahs

Today I have the blahs. I have PMS. I feel bloated. My eyes are puffy. I feel kind of groggy and somewhat cranky. It's been really hot here all week in southern New Jersey, and my body does not handle the heat well. I think I might be the only person in...

Let’s Start a Habit

Visiting my local farm markets and buying fresh vegetables has become an almost daily practice. I wanted to eat healthier and closer to Nature, and fortunately my new neighborhood has several farms with markets attached. It has become my habit. After two...

Dolce Far Niente, the Art of Doing Nothing

There was an Italian restaurant I frequented in Beverly Hills which has since closed. At lunch they would throw open the sliding doors and make it an indoor/outdoor restaurant. Random pigeons would wander in and out and pick up crumbs. I thought this was...

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