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You can live the sweet life, ripe with passion, good health, beautiful food, surrounded by amore. That’s La Dolce Vita.

Writing Meditations

Meditation is a great way to relax your body and mind, handle stress, work out problems, expand your creativity or even help you fall asleep. I use meditation as a tool in my life often. I have a few favorite meditation artists, but I found I needed to go to the next...

10 Steps to the Sweet Life

Here's a quick action plan for living La Dolce Vita. Follow these 10 steps to the sweet life and your lifestyle is sure to improve. 1. La passeggiatta. Take a walk or do some kind of pleasant movement every day. Keep some juice in the joints. Movement should be a part...

A Trip to New York City

I had a business meeting in Manhattan so I booked a hotel for one night and maximized my time in the fabulous city of New York. Some of the things I did: walked a lot got a makeover at Saks Fifth Avenue bought some new makeup went to dinner at an Italian restaurant on...

Mediterranean Challenge Update

In my previous blog post where I declared a Mediterranean challenge for myself for the month of May, I stated that I would be exclusively eating a Mediterranean-inspired diet. I favor these foods but I wanted to see what difference it would make in my life to eat and...

My Personal Challenge for May 2017

I'm into public challenges. I find they keep us accountable. In April I accepted a challenge to go live on Facebook for 30 days. If you want to watch the replays, you can access them all on this page: 30 Days of Facebook Live with Donna DeRosa The Facebook Live...

Living the Sweet Life for Longevity

Studies have shown that people who live a Mediterranean lifestyle live longer and stay healthier longer than the world's average. In Italy and the Greek islands, it is not uncommon for people to live past 100 years old. They also remain active well into their later...

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