Body + Mind Detox – Sample Meal Plans

meal plans

This document contains three sample meal plans showing you how to follow a Mediterranean diet.

I like to eat 2 small and 1 larger meal in a day. You can choose which meal you want to be your larger meal for the day depending on how it fits in with your lifestyle.

For example, in Italy many people eat a small breakfast, have their larger meal in the afternoon, and then a relatively smaller meal in the evening. While most people in the United States eat their larger meal in the evening. You may love breakfast and want that to be your larger meal.

I designed the following sample meal plans with this in mind. Each plan will have the larger meal at a different time of day.

These meal plans are samples. You don’t have to eat what I eat. I want these meal plans to teach you how to plan your meals. You can, of course, follow these three plans any time you want. They are real meal plans with real recipes. But I want you to take these as learning tools so you can see how flexible the Mediterranean diet can be depending on your needs on any given day.

Meal Plan #1 – Morning as Your Main Meal

Breakfast: Shakshuka (eggs cooked in spicy tomato sauce)

Lunch: Waldorf Chicken Salad on 1 slice of rye bread

Dinner: Black Beans with Cherry Tomatoes


Meal Plan #2 – Afternoon as Your Main Meal

Breakfast: Breakfast Quesadilla

Lunch: Gnocchi with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Dinner: Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with dipping sauce


Meal Plan #3 – Evening as Your Main Meal

Breakfast: Pan con Tomate (Spanish-style toast with tomatoes)

Lunch: Niçoise Salad

Dinner: Greek-Inspired Salmon Rice Bowl


Blank Meal Plan




For more inspiration on how to plan your day’s worth of meals, check out my video series, What I Eat in a Day on a Mediterranean Diet.