Body + Mind Detox

Body Mind Detox

What If I Told You That You Could ...

  • release excess weight
  • declutter your mind
  • create an atmosphere that helps you build the life of your dreams
  • all without feeling deprived, overwhelmed, or hungry

You can do all of this by learning the ways of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

The reason I use the word “lifestyle” is because this is not a diet in the way we think of diets in America. We are not starving ourselves to lose unwanted pounds. We will be reimagining how we eat. I’ll teach you the secrets to eating well and living luxuriously without having to feel like you are missing out.

A Mediterranean way of eating includes lots of gorgeous foods, along with tips on how to enjoy your meals the Italian way, and even have a glass of wine now and then.

This Body Mind Detox program is not a low-carb diet or a trendy plan. This is a way of living inspired by cultures who have a history of longevity and health. It’s the way our ancestors ate before all the highly processed diet foods became popular.

In this program I will teach you:

  • the basic tenets of a Mediterranean diet
  • the key lifestyle elements that go with it
  • how your thoughts control your actions and
  • how to set up your environment for success

This is a fun way of living you’ll want to experience for the rest of your life.

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This program consists of four modules that are meant to be consumed over the course of four weeks.

You will receive access to four video lessons, a beautiful workbook, sample meal plans, and a list of recipe ideas.

Besides learning a new way of eating, we’ll also be working on our mindset, which is really the most important part. That’s why I called this program a Body + Mind Detox. We’ll be letting go of thoughts that no longer serve us and work to build new thoughts for our healthy future.

Let me repeat: This is not a diet.

This is a lifestyle coaching program

that will teach you how to lose weight naturally (or gain it if that is your goal). You will learn how to make healthy choices in your foods and actions.

Your diet is not only what you eat. It is also what you consume in other ways: the books you read or don’t read, the TV programs you watch, the news you expose yourself to, the people you hang out with, the products you choose to use.

Be mindful of the things you put into your brain as well as your body.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to overwhelm you with content and activities. I’m going to give you the tools to take this healthy way of living into the future.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Week 1 – We will learn all about the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle
  • Week 2 – We will concentrate on mindset work
  • Week 3 – We will pratice la bella figura, the Italian approach to style and etiquette
  • Week 4 – We will create an ideal environment with a fun DIY project

If you have any questions or need support along the way, you can always contact me via email.

About Me

I’m the author of The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking: 200 Recipes and 3 Meal Plans for a Healthy Lifestyle and Flexitarian Cookbook for Beginners: Quick and Easy Recipes for Plant-Based Meals. You don’t have to own my books to participate, you’ll find all the recipes you need on my website and YouTube channel.

I am a certified life coach and lover of all things Mediterranean. I used the very tools I will be teaching in this program to create my own healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

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Get started today on your new healthy lifestyle

Here are some reviews of my coaching programs and my cookbook:


If you've been thinking of starting a YouTube channel and don't know where to start, start with hiring Donna DeRosa. Donna goes through each step meticulously, taking time for even the tech challenged (me!).  Donna breaks it all down into simple step-by-step instructions, assisting you along the way. There's no way I would have been able to do this without her. 

~ Advanced YouTube Coaching


I absolutely adored this program. It got me started on a whole new healthier lifestyle. I feel lighter and prettier than even. And my husband is pretty happy too! Thanks, Donna.

~ Body + Mind Detox


The Body Mind Detox was so much more than I expected. I thought it was a new diet program but it was so much more. I learned to take better care of myself and my family. I feel glamorous for the first time in a long time. I walking with a bounce in my step. Donna is like the girlfriend you wish you always had. She's so sincere and friendly. I’ve been a long time follower of her blog, and enjoy her cookbook too! 

~ Body + Mind Detox

Toni P.

It’s so nice to talk with someone who doesn’t judge you. Donna helped me find out what I really want out of life and map out a clear plan for making it happen. And it was totally painless. She’s the best.

~ Private Coaching


I enjoyed this course. It reinvigorated my passion to blog and gave me strategies on how to monetize my site! Thanks Donna!

~ Make Money Blogging


I love the easy suggestions to make each day better. It's always something simple to do (like buy a plant, take a bath or eat off your good dishes) and makes me feel like the special person I am. Thanks Donna!

~ La Dolce Vita Spring Training


Perhaps the greatest thing about The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking is that it’s like having a very knowledgeable but non-snooty friend introduce you to new ingredients, new recipes and a new way of thinking about cooking and eating. I can’t go to the Mediterranean any time soon, but my kitchen and dining room are sunnier now that I am cooking with Donna’s excellent book.

~ The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking


The course was fun to read every morning, with lots of great tips, advice, and beautiful ways to enjoy life. I really enjoyed getting to read and experiment!

~ La Dolce Vita Spring Training


I find that Donna really knows what she is talking about. I enjoy her blog immensely too. It's really nice to know she is professional and seems like quite a caring person.

~ La Dolce Vita Spring Training


This book sets forth the Mediterranean diet in as an easy to follow manner with loads of luscious examples of healthy cooking. It is colorful, interesting and the recipes make you want to run to the store to try them tonight. It will get good use.

~ The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking

Deborah G.

I first learned about Donna DeRosa after doing an internet search on living la dolce vita which led me to her website. I can attest the recipes that she makes on her YouTube channel are simple and easy to prepare, as well as mouth watering. She definitely practices what she preaches. This cookbook offers more than just delicious recipes; it’s also is a great guidebook for living a Mediterranean lifestyle. The meal plans are a big plus whether you are interested in weight loss, heart health, or just wanting to eat more healthy.

~ The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking


The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking is a wonderful cross-cultural exploration of the tapestry of Mediterranean traditions brought forward from these heritages. I love that you can work with it incrementally, incorporating as you are ready, curious — not the restrictive, all-or-nothing approach that becomes unworkable over time. This is something you can be with, live with. Fresh, zestful, vibrant. Even if you are already familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, this worth exploring and keeping handy to your kitchen adventures.

~ The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking

Erin B.

La Vita E’ Bella. There are all kinds of wonderful Mediterranean Diet recipes in this book from all around the Mediterranean Sea, but this book is much more than just a cookbook! What I really appreciate is how the author incorporates the Mediterranean lifestyle into the Mediterranean Diet. She stresses the importance of taking the time to enjoy eating the meals with friends and family. She guides you through incorporating her delicious Mediterranean recipes and the Mediterranean way of life to improve your health and ultimately your happiness.

~ The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking