The weather in my area, southern New Jersey, has been all over the place. Last night we got a snow storm. This morning I woke up and it had all melted away. In two days the forecast says it will be in the 70s (in mid-February!) and then dropping back down to the low 50s with lots of rain. It’s hard to know what to wear. Dressing between seasons is an art form.

I’m tired of wearing heavy sweaters and bulky coats. But a tee-shirt or blouse is not enough on most days. How do you stay stylish when you can’t predict the weather?

Here are options for dressing between seasons

I love scarves. They add a pop of color and they keep you warm. Not sure of the weather? Tie a scarf to your purse as a style accessory. If you get chilly put it around your neck. If it rains put it over your head.

Twin Sets
I love how twin sweater sets can make you look so put together and neat. They come in many colors and always look right with skirts or trousers. They are usually thin, so you don’t feel too bulky. And if you get hot you can always remove the top layer cardigan.

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are my new love. They are comfortable because they are a little roomier in the leg, but they roll up at the bottom so they don’t feel shapeless. They are a great way of displaying cute shoes or you can put on some short socks and wear sneakers. Roll the jeans down if you get chilly. I’ve been living in mine.

Mid-Length Skirts
Longer skirts work in any season. You can wear them with lightweight tops or sweaters. They keep most of your legs covered. If you get cold you can put on some tights. You can wear them with boots or sandals. They work any time of year.

Crochet Sweaters
Keep warm but don’t overheat. It’s like wearing a sweater but with air holes. They look best in natural colors like white or nude, and they add texture to an outfit.

Layering Is Key
Piling on lightweight fabrics that you can remove or add as necessary can help you deal with the unpredictable temperatures.

What are you favorite tips for dressing between seasons? Do you have any favorite go-to outfits? Let me know in the comments section.

Ciao, Donna