We are what we eat.

How many times have you heard that phrase? It’s one of those axioms we know to be true but somehow don’t always follow. Eating for beauty is easy. These 9 foods will help cleanse and detox your body, making you look and feel more beautiful. They are easy to incorporate into your meals.

Green Leafy Vegetables – Chlorophyll is a powerful way to rid your body of toxins. Raw vegetables are great, but cooked ones are good too. Chop them into salads, toss them in soups, throw them in a juicer. I’m particularly fond of Swiss chard. The leaves and stems are delicious. It’s like eating two different vegetables at the same time.

Lemons – full of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid, lemons are a natural detoxifier. They help clarify your body’s fluids and are also great for soothing a soar throat. When I have a cold, I boil water and pour it into a mug with a slice of lemon. It’s a mild alternative to tea.

Watercress – recently discovered to be the world’s healthiest food. Watercress is tasty in salads and sandwiches, is rich in minerals, Vitamin C, calcium, and manganese. Make little tea sandwiches with watercress for an English-style tea break.

Garlic – used extensively in Mediterranean cooking, garlic tastes great and helps your body resist infection. Not only does it ward off vampires, it softens up the stuff that clogs your arteries and helps it pass through your system. I put garlic in almost everything I cook. Vampires hate me 🙂

Green Tea – rich in antioxidants, hot brewed green tea helps keep your liver healthy and helps reduce inflammation. It also makes a lighter flavored iced tea. Try flavored green teas that are enhanced with jasmine or ginger.

Broccoli Sprouts – a super cancer fighter, even more so than broccoli itself. Put some in salads or add to sandwiches.

Sesame Seeds – protects the liver from invaders like alcohol. A tasty way to enjoy it is in tahini. Or sprinkle it on homemade bread before baking. I also add sesame seeds to salads. I love the flavor and the little of bit texture it adds to dishes.

Cabbage – it may be stinky but it sure is good for your liver. Try it cooked or in cole slaw. It’s also great in wraps and soups.

Fruit – Delicious and nutritious. Full of vitamins, fiber, fluids, antioxidants, and flavor. Great for dessert instead of cakes and pies. (And no, fruit rollups do not count.) Try adding slices of apple or pear to sandwiches for an unexpected twist.

Do you have any favorite foods to add to my beauty list?