When we are planning our futures, we often think of big events or huge accomplishments that will make us happy. But sometimes we can get lost in the expectations of these dreams and forget to enjoy our day-to-day activities. My challenge for you is to find joy in ordinary things.

Find three things today and really experience them.

Here is what I found today:

  • I made a lovely cup of tea this morning. I put just the right amount of milk in it. I drank it from my favorite cup, the white one with the blue toile design. I did nothing else at the same time. I simply enjoyed my cup of tea before starting my day.
  • I took a walk in the park. The leaves are turning orange and red and the air felt cool and moist on my face. It was a relief from the hot summer weather. Autumn is my favorite time of year and I love to hear the leaves crunch beneath my feet.
  • I wore my new navy blue poncho. It’s thin and soft and very comfortable. I found it at the drug store for only $9.99. It looks very smart and I notice other women looking at it when I wear it. It’s more stylish than throwing on a hoodie. I feel chic when I wear it, like I made a little extra effort today.

Now it’s your turn.

Find three things that are just for you today. Be conscious of your experiences and find pleasure in ordinary moments. Here are some ideas:

  • Enjoy your morning tea or coffee. Savor it. Drink it slowly and think about how happy it makes you.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and notice the way the light plays on the objects around you. See beauty in the light and the shadows.
  • Watch your children or grandchildren playing. See the joy they take in everything they do. Learn from them.
  • Take a few moments to listen to a beautiful piece of classical music. Let it lift your spirit or transport you to another time.
  • Spend a few extra minutes in the shower and enjoy the flow of warm water over your body.
  • Take a couple of minutes to massage some cream or balm into your hands. Our hands take a beating, especially this time of year. Show them a little love.

These small moments are what make life special.

Tell me how you are going to find joy in ordinary things today. Write your three things in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your ideas.