A few years ago I was offered the opportunity to go to Nice and Monaco on a trip to learn how to make perfume. I jumped at the chance. But unfortunately the group trip fell through and we never made the journey. I did a lot of research on the south of France and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Nice since. But I can experience a little of that south of France lifestyle through fashion. I can dress in the French Riviera style this summer even though I live in New Jersey.

What is the French Riviera style?

According to the Grace de Monaco website, “Classic French Riviera style is a unique combination of vintage, nautical, and Parisian fashion. From Breton stripes to impeccable sundresses, the coastal chic style of the French Riviera is timeless yet modern.”

Take Parisian chic, with its streamlined silhouette usually in neutral colors like white, black, beige, and navy. Transfer it to hot summer days by the beach. Add a bit of vintage flair, and you have the French Riviera style.

Here are some chic French Riviera outfit ideas:

  • beige linen trousers, white shirt, cute sandals
  • white jeans, Breton top, scarf tied in the hair
  • cool sundress, ballet flats, structured bag
  • jeans, lightweight sweater, blazer

Picture Grace Kelly, glamorous Hollywood movie star, transferred to summertime France. Her natural glamour toned down to be more casual for the hot beachy weather. Hair and makeup impeccable, paired down style, but still crisp, elegant, and cool.

This style recipe works for summertime anywhere in the world. If you want to feel glamorous and look cool and feminine while beating the heat, you may want to adopt some of these ideas. Don’t forget the oversized sunglasses a la Jackie O.

How can you work French Riviera style into your summer wardrobe?