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Twice a year since 1972, Florence, Italy plays host to the largest men’s clothing and accessories trade show in the world. Pitti Uomo has become a fun event bordering on a costume parade, with men dressed creatively in a mix of patterns, textures and colors.

In my La Dolce Vita Coaching Series I write about how Italians love luxurious fabrics. Italy has been a leader in the textiles industry since the Renaissance. Italians know and love fabrics and how to incorporate them into their lifestyle through clothing and home decor.

I love to look at pictures from Pitti Uomo to see the flocks of creative men who parade their street style with excitement and glee. They are always ready to be photographed, willing to pose while attempting to look natural. Beautiful men of all ages proudly display their ensembles for all the world to see.

It’s a spectacular display of peacocks fluffing their feathers and enjoying being looked at and admired. And it’s a great place to look for trends in menswear.

Fabrics play an important part in our lives. We wear clothing every day. We sit and sleep and eat on fabrics every day. Our wardrobes and homes are a way to express our creativity. Fabrics can be functional, but as we see at each Pitti Uomo, fabrics can be a way to express creativity and show camaraderie with others.

Take a few extra moments the next time you are looking to purchase a table cover, a throw pillow, towels or pajamas. Play with textures and colors in your clothing. We touch fabrics all day long in everything we do. Might as well make the fabrics of our lives special.

Gentleman’s Gazette does a great job covering Pitti Uomo. Click here and enjoy the photos.

What are your favorite fabrics? What were your favorite looks from this season’s Pitti Uomo? Did you find any inspiration in the photos? Let me know in the comments.

Ciao, Donna


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