How do you create your La Dolce Vita Lifestyle? By exploring the fantasy version of yourself and then bringing her to life one small step at a time. Please allow me to share my La Dolce Vita fantasies with you. This is a list of glamorous gifts for your La Dolce Vita lifestyle. Choose one for yourself or find something on your own that helps you express your inner Dolce Diva.

Life doesn’t have to be a fantasy. All of these gifts are available right now, and don’t break the bank.

1. Fur Mittens
Let’s pretend we’re in a holiday rom-com and about to go ice-skating with a handsome young gentleman who hasn’t told us yet that he’s a prince. I wear these furry mittens to keep my hands warm as we skate in the Central Park rink holding hands and exchanging flirtatious glances.

2. Black Velvet Hi-Lo Glam-Poncho
Somewhere in my mind I always want to dress as if I’m about to perform in an opera. This black velvet poncho reminds my of an opera coat. I enter La Fenice opera house in Venice, Italy wearing diamonds in my hair and with a handsome Italian gentleman on my arm.

3. Red Metallic Hi-Lo Glamorous Poncho
Part of me wants to dress as if I’m going on stage to perform in a rock concert. This is like the punk rock version of the opera coat above. I wear this liquid red poncho to Red Rocks in Colorado with drumsticks twisted into my updo, ready to perform a benefit concert.

4. Sequin Mini Dress
Part of me wants to dress as if I’m a supermodel out for a night on the town. This glittery mini dress requires legs much longer than mine. I’d wear this anyway with thick black tights and black velvet booties on my way to a hot night spot in Ibiza.

5. Eight-Strand Pearl Necklace
Part of me wants to dress like I’m a princess on her way to a ball. This multiple-strand pearl necklace would look fabulous with my strapless ball gown and glass slippers, as I run to my carriage at one minute to midnight.

6. Handmade Cashmere Sweater
Part of me wants to go to tea at the Savoy wearing a cashmere sweater and satin headband, looking like a young titled lady waiting for her monthly allowance to click into her bank account.

7. Sequin Blouse
I don’t need a fantasy excuse to wear this sequin blouse, I would wear this any day of the week with a pair of jeans and a Starbucks latte in my hand.

Glamorous Gifts for Your La Dolce Vita Lifestyle

I hope you enjoy these glamorous gifts for your La Dolce Vita lifestyle. How do you see your fantasy future? Are there any gifts you can buy yourself this holiday to get you one step closer to achieving your La Dolce Vita dreams?

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