Living La Dolce Vita is what my website is all about. You can interpret this Italian phrase, which literally means “the sweet life” in any way that suits you. Think about what makes you happy and makes your life sweeter. For me the concepts of glamour, wellness, and elegance lead to la dolce vita.

When you think about famous Italian women who seems to illustrate la dolce vita, women like Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci, you never see pictures of them in sweat pants with messy hair and an unwashed face. They always look put together. Sure, we see images of them at red carpet events looking like the movie stars they are, but even in candid shots of them living their lives, they always looked well groomed.


Glamour doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put on a ball gown or a cocktail dress. It can be a fabulous scarf or a swipe of lipstick.

I know how different I feel when I make an effort with my appearance, even if I’m just staying at home sitting in front of my computer. I can fall into a rut and wear baggy sweats and pull my hair into a messy bun, but then I eventually want to take a nap. When I take time to blowout my hair or wear pretty hair accessories, I feel more ready for action.

Most of us are stuck at home right now, so it seems like a waste to put on a little makeup and stylish clothes. But really think about how you feel when you have a little lip color on, or when you are wearing a warm sweater in a pretty color instead of a baggy sweatshirt. I know I feel like my world is getting back to normal. And I treat myself and act differently throughout my day.

Little glamorous touches make you feel special, and you’ll find that you treat yourself special as well. This will also lead to others treating you with more attention and respect, because your self-respect is shining through.


Wellness can take on many forms, both physical and mental. It includes eating healthy foods, getting some exercise, handling stress in healthy ways, and treating yourself well.

It’s tempting during lockdown to snack on quick comfort foods like chips or candy, or to bake cupcakes out of boredom. Why not put that energy into making a lovely pot of soup. Or perhaps a beautiful Niçoise salad.

Eating colorful foods that are nutritious and filling will help your brain function better, rather than eating something fast that leads to a nap.

Naps are wonderful, and can be a beneficial wellness activity. But they should be a nice respite in your day, as opposed to the result of a food coma.

Be sure to add some type of movement to your day as well. If you can’t get out to take a walk, put on your favorite music and dance around your living room. Or tidy the house. Do some stretches while you wait for your coffee or tea to brew.

If you’re working from home, set reminders for yourself to stand up during the day. It’s easy to sit at a computer and lose track of time.

Self-care is an important part of living la dolce vita. Take care of yourself. Make time for a nutritious meal. Move your body. Allow for some relaxation time. Take a moment to massage in a moisturizing hand cream, and tidy your nails. These things matter to your wellness.


Elegance can be in your bearing, your manner, your environment, and your choices.

If you move and stretch regularly you will have better posture and carry yourself in an elegant manner. Have you ever taken a dance class, and feel a foot taller when you’re finished?

You also feel and move more gracefully. This leads to more refined choices throughout your day. When you feel elegant, you’re not going to choose a fast food burger lunch. You’re more likely to make better, healthier food choices.

The same with your living environment. An elegant woman doesn’t live in a cluttered and disorderly home.

Go through your home one small section at a time. Choose a messy drawer, or an overflowing closet, and remove anything that you don’t need. We all have that clothing item we thought we would love, but it never seemed to quite look right on us. Or we have that gadget that was supposed to save us so much time, but we never used it.

If items are in good condition, donate them, or sell them online. If they are old or damaged, just throw them away. Make room for new things to come into your life. Upgrade with new items that fit your new elegant lifestyle.

Curate your wardrobe and home to be an outward expression of elegance.

I hope this article helps you see that glamour, wellness, and elegance lead to la dolce vita. That’s the basis of my La Dolce Vita Lifestyle.