I have to admit I’m not a fancy gift wrapper. I know some people who go all out, and their packages are like works of art. I try to keep my gifts neat and easy to open. I do love pretty wrapping paper though. This year I bought shiny foil paper in solid colors, and for a personal touch, I designed my own gift tags. I’m making my handmade gift tags available to you for free.

If you’d like to design your own gift tags, you can do so easily with a program like Canva. I started with an 8.5″ x 11″ template (standard U.S. letter size), and covered the sheet with small shapes to form the tags. I used the graphics available for free in Canva, and added “to” and “from” fields. I then downloaded the file as a PDF that I can print myself. You can also use the Canva printing service, but I’ve never tried it, so I can’t give you a review.

Another option is to copy your design over to the Avery label site. They have free templates available that match all of their various labels. You can buy a package of Avery labels, and then look up the corresponding template that matches. The Avery program is free to use, and makes it really easy to print perfect labels at home using either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Make sure the labels you choose are appropriate for your type of printer, so that the ink sets properly. Avery also offers a printing service, but again, I’ve never tried it, so I can’t give you a review.

At this late date, you’re better off printing your own if you want labels in time for Christmas.

I designed my tags in Canva in three different shapes: circle, square, and rectangle. The sheet contains 15 gift tags. Click here if you want to download a PDF of the handmade gift tags I designed. You can print them on paper, card stock, or a full label sheet. Then cut out the shapes and apply them to your packages. Print it as many times as you want.

Happy holidays! Enjoy your handmade gift tags.

Download your handmade gift tags here.