The holidays are a time to shine. We bring trees into our homes and decorate them with all kinds of shiny baubles and lights. We wrap presents in colorful paper and bows. We light up our houses and drink sparkling drinks. This time of year is all about holiday glamour.  So why not extend the idea to ourselves as well.

I love shiny, sparkly things. Even though Aunt ‘Rona is trying her best to ruin 2020, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in style. Let’s end this dismal year with full-on glamour.

Here are some ways to add holiday glamour to your life:

Sparkly jewelry – Dress up a basic sweater with a bold necklace or pin. Or add a pair of bold earrings. If you’re not feeling the bling, try adding a string of pearls. They cast a subtle glow that always looks glamorous.

Elegant clothes with a glamorous edge – Be daring and wear a sequin blouse. Or try a sequin tank under a jacket. For a more understated look, try a satin blouse or velvet top, or add a faux fur collar to your coat.

Shiny hair – Clean, shiny hair is always glamorous. Add a little extra with a fabulous hair accessory like a bejeweled barrette or satin head band. Or try an updo with a few pearl bobby pins.

Dramatic makeup – Holiday parties, whether they be Christmas or New Year’s Eve, are a time to shine. Play up your eyes with a little shimmer shadow. Or try a bold lip color. If you’re not ready for red, try a berry color, something with a little more drama than you’re used to on a daily basis.

Bubbly in a pretty glass – A glass of bubbly whether it be champagne, Perrier, or cherry Seven-Up, always looks elegant when served in the right glass. Any drink in a pretty champagne flute will look glamorous.

Decorations – Surround yourself with bright, shiny objects. Christmas balls on a tree, red velvet bows on a wreath or on your door, a snow globe on your table, a beautiful candle, all add glamour to your home.

I hope you enjoy my list of holiday glamour ideas. Personally, I would wear sequins any day of the year. But Christmas is a time when no one bats an eye at sparkles and shine. Even if you’re not the sparkly type, the holidays are the perfect excuse to get your bling on.

If you want a really simple way to add glamour to your holiday look this year, wear one sparkly thing and add a red lip. That’s all you need to transform your look into holiday glamour.

Stay sparkly, my friends!

Happy holidays.