Do you ever wonder how some women can get so much done in one day, and look cool and elegant while doing it. Below I have listed my ideas on how an elegant woman spends her day. They are habits that can help you refine your daily experiences. Hopefully, you can adopt some or all of them, to add ease and inspiration to your day.

How an Elegant Woman Spends Her Day

She has routines.
An elegant woman starts and ends her day with a favorite morning and evening routine. She knows when she needs peace and when she needs motivation. If she needs calm, she practices meditation. If she needs energy, she turns up the music and dances to the beat. She is faithful to her skin care routines and her dental hygiene. She takes time to ease in and out of each day.

She shows up for her calendar.
An elegant woman makes plans based on her dreams, then she schedules the tasks that will get her there. She puts them into her calendar, and she shows up for it, which means she is showing up for herself and her dreams. You can learn more about about creating your dream life with your calendar here.

She doesn’t waste time.
An elegant woman knows that time is her greatest commodity, and she uses it wisely. By scheduling important tasks on her calendar, she avoids wasting time on social media, playing games, and binging on television shows. If she wants entertainment, she will schedule it. She uses her time to build her dreams.

I love this quote from my friend Donna Maria Coles Johnson, founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, “Time is my friend. I do not spend time. I invest it. Every moment is a chance to create something great.”

She’s ready.
When opportunities come her way, she is prepared. An elegant woman has prepared herself by getting the education she needs, acquiring the tools she needs, and taking care of her mind and body for optimal performance. She has contingency plans for when things don’t go as scheduled, and she can adapt when necessary. She doesn’t have to turn down offers because she is not ready. She stays up to date with her skills and knowledge.

She knows she has her own back.
An elegant woman makes her own decisions. She trusts her judgement, and she sticks to her plan. She stands up for herself and her ideas, and doesn’t let other people interfere with her dreams. She listens to other opinions, and may even seek advice when needed. But at the end of the day, she makes her own decisions, and she accepts her choices.

She practices ease.
An elegant woman can do hard things. And she does them with ease. She decides not to stress unnecessarily. She finds elegant solutions to problems. A wise and elegant woman once told me, “What if you just said: This is easy.” Believe it.

She brings the fun with her.
An elegant woman makes her own fun, and doesn’t rely on others to show her a good time. She decides how she feels about situations. She can attend the most boring party in the world, but her positive, fun, spirited attitude will make all the different in how she experiences it. Life can be fun.

She takes care of herself.
An elegant woman knows what her mind and body needs. She eats sensibly and honors her body with movement. She practices self-care every day inside and out.

She makes time for family and friends.
An elegant woman knows that human connection is the most powerful ingredient in a happy life. She finds friends and connections that inspire and motivate her. And she is a good friend and partner in return.

She makes time for herself.
An elegant woman makes time for achieving her dreams and she allows for quiet time when she needs it. She may work, she may take care of a family, she may donate her time to worthy causes, but she always saves some time for herself.

I hope you enjoy my ideas for how an elegant woman spends her day. Do you have any ideas to add? Please share below. I love to learn from you too.

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