I have a client who feels she is in a rut. She’s tired of her clothes, her makeup, her routine. She wants to learn how to be glamorous.

She was afraid these would seem like shallow concerns, but how we feel about ourselves is key to how we behave and treat others.

We talked about ways to add glamorous touches to her life. She loves watching Turner Classic Movies and seeing how the stars of the past dressed, especially actresses from the 1930s, when everything was full-on Hollywood glitz.

We came up with some modern ways we can add glamour to our lives by mimicking the style of 1930s Hollywood.

Key ingredients for feeling glamorous:

Luxurious fabrics – You can’t always walk around in a red carpet-style gown, but you can wear a satin blouse or a silk scarf. Or try adding sexy lingerie touches to your wardrobe. A little peekaboo of lace can make you feel very glamorous.

Sparkly jewelry – Try wearing intricate jeweled hair accessories, brooches, and pendants. They don’t have to be expensive real jewels. You can find fun glamorous pieces on Etsy for very little money. Just don’t wear them all at the same time, of course.

Art deco touches – Look for clothes with fabrics in symmetrical prints. In your home you can add touches of art deco with mirrored furniture, crystal cocktail glasses, and silver tea sets.

Perfect hair and makeup – Those old movie stars always had smooth finger waves, red lips, and perfectly pampered skin. You can too.

And above all…

Attitude – Cultivate confidence and practice your posture. Strike a pose as you enter a room.

I challenge you to add a little glamour to your life with a new lipstick in a daring color, or a blouse in a luxurious fabric, or a pair of chandelier earrings. Or try having a glass of champagne before dinner in a beautiful coupe or flute.

How does being a little glamorous make you feel?