Recently, I hosted a live class about how to use your calendar to change your life. Through my calendaring technique you can achieve your goals and go for your dreams — your really big dreams. Read on for an overview of how to create your dream life through your calendar.

You can find the video replay of the class further down this page. In this class, I did not talk about the usual calendar topics like creating to-do lists or content planners. That can be a part of it. You will want to take action at the end of the video tutorial, but in this calendaring class we discussed working on your big dreams. And when I say big I mean huge, overall, all-encompassing purpose of your life dreams.

Here are the basic steps on how to create your dream life:

1. Determine your core values

First, you need to figure out your core values. Core values are a set of fundamental beliefs, ideals, or practices that inform how you conduct your life. They are the root of everything you want out of life.

What are the most important things to you? Whenever I mention core values, people usually say “family” is the most important thing to them. But I want you to dig deeper. What does family mean to you? Does it mean security, unconditional love, etc. So whatever jumps into your mind first, dig deeper. What do you really want at your core?

Come up with three core values. These core values are what should be driving your future goals.

For example, one of my core values is connection. The things I want to achieve, the goals I set for myself, work toward bringing more connection into my life. I connect with you through content creation at my blog, my newsletter, my videos, my podcast. I built these content outlets so that I could connect with more people. I found these ways through understanding my core values.

Your core values will lead you to your purpose in life. It will lead you to your big goals.

2. Find your big goal

What is your one big dream goal at this point in your life? Dream big. Your big goal should challenge you, maybe even scare you a little, and will cause you to grow. Who you are will develop over time as you work toward your big goal.

When you set big goals, your life will change in dramatic ways.

Here’s an exercise to help you determine your big goal. Make a list of all the things you want to do in life that can bring you closer to your core values. Write down everything. It doesn’t matter how small or far-fetched they may seem. If a trip to Mars is in line with your goals, write it down. That may seem crazy, but it’s one of Elon Musk’s personal goals.

Go back and circle the ones that are most important to you. Analyze this list to see if any of them have similar themes. Can any of them be combined? Are any of them dependent on you reaching others first?

When I did this exercise, I wrote down a lot of things I wanted to create, like a podcast, a TV show, I wanted to write a novel, I wanted to record some songs, and many more. When I looked back over my list, I concluded that my big overarching goal is to own my own publishing and content creation empire.

That became my big goal.

Figure out your amazing, exceptional, phenomenal big goal.

3. Choose three projects

How do you go about achieving your big goal? The next thing you need to do is choose three things from your list that can get you closer to your big goal. Choose three things that you can work on in the next year.

For me, a content creation empire needs content outlets. I already had a YouTube channel, two blogs, a newsletter, a cookbook, and some online courses. In order to fulfill my goal of a content creation empire, some of the things I wrote on my goal list fit into this plan. I wanted to start a podcast. I want to write another book. I want to create a coaching program. There are many other things I want to do, but these are the three most important to me, and the ones I want to do first.

Then work on them one at a time. Don’t try to do it all at once.

I started with a podcast. I found out everything I needed to do in order to start a podcast, including taking a class about starting a podcast. I made a list of everything I would need to do and the order in which I needed to do them. I broke them down into individual tasks, which brings us to the next step.

4. Work your calendar

I put all of these tasks on my calendar.

Give yourself enough time realistically to accomplish each task. But don’t give yourself too much time. For example, when I want to write a blog post, if I put 2 hours on my calendar, it will take me 2 hours. If I put 1 hour on my calendar, I’ll get it done in 1 hour.

Calculate how long you think each task will take, and then subtract a half hour. Put these tasks into your calendar, and then stick to your calendar.

Now, make sure you don’t schedule too many things in one day. Be realistic about your lifestyle. If you have kids, you need to put their needs on your calendar as well. Schedule in some leisure time. Schedule your doctors appointments. Make time for the tasks that make up your life.

Make sure you schedule the result, not some vague task. What I mean by that is schedule a specific blog post, not just writing time. Be specific about what you need to accomplish at the end of that task.

Be accountable to yourself. At the end of each day, evaluate how you did at keeping to your calendar. If time got away from you, reschedule those tasks. But try to stick to your calendar as much as possible. If it’s not scheduled, it likely won’t happen.

Be the woman who shows up for her calendar.

This is the way to your dreams.

Dreaming is fun. Seeing your dreams come to fruition is life changing.

Break your dreams down into goals, and then tasks. Make sure they align with your core values. Put the tasks on your calendar, and then show up for it. This is how to create your dream life.

Ask yourself every day if how you are spending your time is getting you closer to your big goal.

Each month I host a live Zoom meeting where we discuss topics that will improve your life, and get you to that overall feeling of la dolce vita, the sweet life. If you want to know when our next coaching call will be, sign up for email notifications.

Here is the video replay of our calendaring class: