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It’s the ‘20s again. Do you think this new decade will be as wild as the roaring 1920s? I hope so. That makes it a perfect time to learn to dress like Phryne Fisher.

My wardrobe lately has been inspired by The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, lady detective. Have you watched the show, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? It’s so much fun, and the costumes are amazing. It has influenced many of my recent purchases.

If you don’t know who Phryne Fisher is, you really must find out. It’s a fun television series starring Essie Davis as a 1920s lady detective in Melbourne, Australia. She’s smart, brave, compassionate, funny, gorgeous, and wears the most amazing wardrobe. She drives a hoot of a car as well.

The series is available in the U.S. on Acorn. It’s based on a series of books by Kerry Greenwood, also very much worth a read.

You may not want to walk around looking like an advertisement from the 1920s, but you can take inspiration from the style. Here are my takeaways on the style of those times:

  • rich fabrics in glorious colors
  • satins and velvets
  • cloche hats
  • tunics and kimono shapes
  • long jackets and dusters over pants
  • bold prints
  • geometric designs
  • glamorous pajamas and dressing gowns
  • low-waisted dresses
  • tweed suits with fur collars
  • dazzling hair jewelry, pendants, and brooches
  • flowing scarves
  • dancing shoes
  • bobbed hair
  • red lipstick
  • and an independent spirit

Here are some of my Phryne-inspired purchases, all very affordable.

Top left: raspberry cloche hat from Amazon
Top right: purple velvet tunic from Liz Claiborne
Bottom left: green botanical print satin blouse from Belle + Sky at J.C. Penney
Bottom right: blue floral satin robe from Amazon

Do you want to dress like Phryne Fisher? Are you an admirer of 1920s style? Have you incorporated any flapper-type articles into your wardrobe? I would love to know if you’ve watched the show, and if so, what is your favorite of Phryne’s outfits.

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