Now that the series finale of the HBO drama Succession has finally aired, let’s take a look back at the best-dressed character on television and learn how to dress like Shiv Roy.

As the daughter of a multi-billionaire, Shiv can afford to wear anything she wants, yet she is never dripping in designer labels. She doesn’t need to show off her status because she is secure in her place in society. What she is insecure about, however, is her place in her own family.

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, played by Australian actress Sarah Snook, is working as a political consultant in season 1 for democratic candidates. Her clothes in season 1 are corporate but accessible. We see her dressed in entry-level designer pieces that can be purchased from a department store. She doesn’t want to stand out as the daughter of a billionaire.

In seasons 2-4, Shiv has entered the family business and must compete with her brothers. Her costumes are more structured and much richer from luxury designers Max Mara, Tom Ford, Armani, and Ralph Lauren.

Succession costume designer, Michele Matland, took inspiration from Marlene Dietrich for Shiv’s pant suits. Shiv is now competing in a man’s world. She opts for quiet luxury pieces that mean business. She wants to blend in with her brothers and be seen as an equal.

The Quiet Luxury Aesthetic

No one is more surprised than designer Matland about how Shiv’s style has caught the attention of the public. The clothes were meant to make Shiv blend in with the rest of the corporate crew. She is never dressed in anything flashy except when attending a formal event.

She wears mostly neutral colors, turtlenecks, blazers, and high-waisted tailored trousers. These pieces have resonated with women who want to look elegant.

Here are some ways you can emulate Shiv’s quiet luxury:

  • Choose a neutral color palate of ivory, cream, tan, beige, gray, navy blue, and black.
  • Dress for your shape. Shiv’s clothes are never clingy. They are well tailored to fit her perfectly.
  • Silk blouses and thin turtleneck sweaters look polished under a blazer.
  • High-waisted trousers add a touch of menswear for a serious business look.
  • Modest jewelry doesn’t overpower her look. Shiv usually wears gold chains with small charms or pearls.
  • Occasionally turn up the glamour. For formal events, Shiv wears halter necklines or backless dresses. The glamour comes from the cut instead of adding a lot of sparkle.
  • Simple makeup. Sarah Snook has delicate features that are enhanced with a light makeup application, usually eyeliner and mascara on her hooded lids and a natural lip color.
  • No-fuss hair. Shiv has long hair in season 1 and then opts for a streamlined blunt cut when she enters the corporate world of Waystar Royco. The style is neat, easy to maintain, and suits her round face and fair skin.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how to dress like Shiv Roy. How do you feel about Shiv’s wardrobe and the quiet luxury aesthetic? I personally love the high-waisted trousers with turtlenecks. Did any of her costumes stand out to you? Let me know in the comments.

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Shiv Roy style

Shiv Roy style

Shiv Roy style

Shiv Roy style

Shiv Roy - Succession