A ponytail may be the most loved and versatile hair style ever. You can wear it to a baseball game or you can wear it to a grand ball. A ponytail can make you look younger, sportier, more elegant, sleek, cute, messy or demure. It all depends on how you style it. Let’s explore how to get the perfect ponytail.

Start with your face shape

If you have a more rounded face like me, a higher ponytail works best. A high pony also works well for petite women.

If you have a square face, a high pony looks best with some volume at the crown. After securing your ponytail, use the tail of a comb to pull pieces up slightly at the top of your head. Or do a little backcombing before your secure the ponytail.

If you have a longer or oval face, sometimes a low ponytail is more flattering. This style also works well for tall women. This can also look lovely pulled slightly to the side with the long ends sitting over your shoulder.

Even with my wide, round face, I sometimes wear a low, side ponytail with a flower ponytail holder. If you prefer a low ponytail but have a rounder or squarish face, leave the sides a little looser and softer.

To part or not to part

You can brush all of your hair back and leave no part. This is a great way to cover up root regrowth.

Or if you want to add structure to a soft, round face, try a middle or side parting. This works well with middle to lower ponytails.

If you’re not comfortable with all of your hair pulled back, try leaving a few face-framing pieces loose in the front.

Styling tips

Be sure to comb through your hair before collecting it to avoid hair bubbles and bumps.

If you want a sleek look, straighten you hair, pull it back neatly by brushing it, secure it with a strong band, and add a little light-hold spray to the front to smooth down any broken or baby hairs. A sleek pony tail looks great with a strand of your hair wrapped around the band. Otherwise, a sleek clip or barrette may work as well.

If you want a looser, more romanatic style, add some volumizing product at the roots to give your hair some texture, and gather your hair using only your hands.

If you want the appearance of more hair, make two ponytails. Gather your hair from the middle of the head to the nape of your neck. Secure with elastic. Then gather the front section and secure it around the bottom section. Two tails make your hair look thicker.

I hope you enjoyed this guide for how to get the perfect ponytail. What is your favorite way to wear a ponytail?