A great way to relax and get your creative juices flowing is to try painting. I’m not a talented artist, but I love to paint for fun. I created this watercolor mandala project for Spring because it is so simple and fun, yet you can derive great meaning from it as well.

What Is a Mandala?

The word “mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word maṇḍala meaning circle.

In Hindu and Buddhist art, a mandala is a circular design representing the cosmos. The circle is made of geometric shapes.

In Jungian psychology, the mandala is a symbol of a person striving for reunification of the self.

Creating Your Mandala

You can use paints, markers, colored pencils, ink, whatever is your preferred medium. I used a watercolor paint set that came with brush pens, and I created my design on bright white thick watercolor paper.

I started in the center with a dot of blue. Then I worked my way out painting various shapes in different colors. I kept at it until it pleased me.

My pattern design reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art circles, which I remember from when I was a kid. When we would travel into Pennsylvania Dutch country, we would see these symbols on barns. These hex signs made of circles and stars are meant to ward off evil.

Get Creative

Draw whatever shapes come to mind, making sure to repeat them in a circular pattern. Start in the center and work outward. Your mandala could look like a flower, or a spider web, or a dream catcher. Make it playful. Paint what you feel.

Use this form of art as a meditative exercise. Think of it as all the pieces that make up you, coming together to form a complete circle. You are one with the cosmos.

Here is a photo of my first attempt at a watercolor mandala. I plan to make more because I found this exercise very relaxing. The colors will change with my mood. I made this watercolor mandala for Spring. We’ll see what colors I get up to with each new season.

watercolor mandala