When you want to switch up your look, try a neutral nude lipstick. You can rock a nude lip no matter your skin tone. You just have to find your right shade.

Why a nude lip?

Nude lips can be a real statement, as much as a red lip can be. A nude lip gives you an opportunity to emphasize other areas of your face, like play up your eyes. I love a smoky eye. A classic smoky eye looks red-carpet-ready with a nude lip.

I also love a winged eye liner on occasion. But if you wear a winged liner with a red lip, you could end up looking like Flo. A nude lip would be a better choice to balance out the look.

Or sometimes you may want a more natural makeup look, and a nude lip can help you look put together without too much color.

How To Choose a Nude Lip Shade

Not all nudes are the same. We all have different skins tones. What would be a nude on my pale lips, may not suit you. While a darker toned nude lipstick would look brown on me.

Take into consideration the texture. A creamy or matte formula will give more coverage, while a sheer or glossy nude could be easier to wear.

There are many nude lip shades on the market to suit the diversity of skin tones. Nude lipstick can also range from a proper neutral shade, to a pinky nude or a peachy nude. Try several on until you find one that suits your skin color and undertone, whether you are cool, warm, or  more neutral.

Here is a very helpful video by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge on how to find the perfect nude lipstick for you.

My Favorite Nude Lipsticks

I’m very fair skinned with a cool pinky undertone. I usually opt for sheer nudes with a pinkish tone. Peachy tones do not work on me. But I can get away with more neutral tones.

I have an Italia lip pencil in Natural Beige that works well to blank out my lips. I like to use this as a lip liner for all colors of lipstick. It helps cover the imperfections in my lips. I have some white spots around the edges of my lips, and this pencil helps to fill them in with the right shade.

When I want to wear a nude lipstick, I opt for Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Boy. It’s a high-shine lip color that is comfortable to wear. It’s somewhat sheer and allows some of my lip’s natural colors show to through.

I hope you find your perfect shade of nude lipstick, so that you can rock a nude lip with confidence.