“I was gonna donate food to the animal shelter this Christmas but my schedule got crazy.”

“I was gonna bring home rolls from the bakery for dinner but they didn’t look that good.”

“I was gonna invite my aunt over for lunch but I got busy.”

I lot of people talk about their good intentions as if talking about them and following through on them are the same thing. Talking and doing are not the same thing.

Tough love time.

No one needs your false promises.

The sad part is that people who usually talk like this, treat themselves the same way.

“I was gonna go back to school but I got busy with other things.”

“I was gonna go on a diet but all of these holidays got in the way.”

“I was going to meet up with my old friends but I’ve already taken too many days off from work.”

Excuses. Excuses.

Don’t live your life saying, “I was gonna.” Don’t live your life full of excuses. Where do they get you? I’ll tell you: on the road to unhappiness. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, then you’re never going to keep them to someone else.

Time keeps moving whether you take action or not.

When I was in acting school and we were not performing well in a scene, they would tell us it was a lack of motivation. Your motivation was not strong enough, the teacher would say. You need a stronger motivation, a stronger reason for your character to take action.

Think about your motivations today. What haven’t you acted on? What have you made excuses for? Have you caught yourself saying, “I was gonna…”?

You don’t want to end up 90 years old and saying, “I was gonna have a life but I never got around to it.”

Repeat after me, “I can and I will.”