Introducing the website redesign. Ta da!

The idea behind this new iteration of my website is that you can live a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle no matter where you are in the world.

When I think of the Mediterranean region, I think of an Italian seaside town. The sun is shining, the water is miraculously clear and blue, the people are bright and smiling, and the food is incredible.

Even though I currently live in a suburb in New Jersey, I try to create that feeling for myself every day.

I shop for local produce at the nearby farms while wearing my glamorous sunglasses. I cook delicious meals following a Mediterranean diet. I stop and pick up some fresh flowers to add color and happiness to my home. I greet my neighbors with a smile. In the evenings I may have a glass of wine and light a candle to add a little romance to my environment while listening to my favorite music.

Your life is what you make it. Create a lifestyle that you love, and then everything else will fall into place.

On these pages I hope to inspire you to eat a healthy diet, beautify your surroundings, and create what you need with your own hands.

I’ve wanted to refresh my website design for a while now. I’m not a developer. I know just enough about building a website to get me into trouble. But with the help of my designer, I got it done. It’s a work in progress, but all the working bits should be in order. All of the old posts should be available. And hopefully, you like the new design and categories.

I want to explain the new blog categories. First off, the La Dolce Vita category remains intact. This category holds a special place in my heart. It’s my philosophy on the sweet life all organized in one place.

On the previous iteration of my website, I had categories for Beauty, Style, Food, and Life. Since I started I have moved the food posts there. They were starting to take over this site, and I figured they deserved their own special place.

When I look back at my posts in the Beauty and Style categories, there weren’t many of each. So I combined those categories into a new one called Glamour. I love to make things sparkle and shine, from eye shadow to table settings. And that’s the idea behind the Glamour category. It’s about beautifying your surroundings and your life. I love to make things pretty. Life is beautiful and I want my environment to reflect that.

I changed the Life category to Lifestyle because that was the original intent. At the time I thought it was cool to cut the word down to Life. Think of this category as the Instagram stories of this blog. They will be snippets of real life and events that I share with you.

I’ve added a DIY category because I love to do things by hand. I make my own soap, lotions, perfumes, and I love to make things like Christmas ornaments. I will share anything I’m making by hand in this category.

And lastly, I’m a certified life coach, and I’ve been writing coaching type of posts on my blog for years. There are a lot of them. So I started a category called Advice. Not only does this category house my old coaching posts, it will also contain advice about business, blogging, video — whatever I learn I will pass on to you.

In a way this new website is similar to my first blog, Grace Magazine. I was younger then, and posted about younger things. This new iteration will be written from a more mature person’s perspective. I’ve always wanted to have my own magazine, and I hope this site fulfills that role for you. I’m not a fashion plate. I’m not a beauty guru. But I am an enthusiast in all things that make life beautiful — the sweet life.

I want to increase the frequency with which I post. I am aiming to post 2-3 times per week. I’ll still be sending out my weekly newsletter, so get on the list if you aren’t already. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

Please have a look around at the website redesign. I hope you like what you see, and find comfort and entertainment from my hundreds of blog posts.

The best is yet to come!