Starting January 2, I will be hosting a 4-week wellness coaching program to get you started on a healthy new lifestyle. Join Me for the Mediterranean Body + Mind Detox.

The Mediterranean Body + Mind Detox is not a diet program, but a lifestyle program designed to teach you the healthy ways of the Mediterranean. Here is what you will learn:

Week 1 – How the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle practices can lead to weight loss
Week 2 – How your mindset around food and health are key to your success
Week 3 – How your style and la bella figura can elevate your mindset
Week 4 – How your environment can help you build the life of your dreams

There will be six live coaching calls. One to kick off the program, four weekly check-ins, and one wrap-up call to celebrate our achievements. Replays and support will be available if you can’t make a live call.

I designed this program to be fun. We will not be depriving ourselves, starving ourselves, fasting, juicing, cutting out carbs, or any of the usual toxic dieting activities. Instead we will be learning how to live joyfully while eating the most delicious foods.

As you may know, I am the author of The Big Book of Mediterranean Diet Cooking. I am also a certified life coach who specializes in Mediterranean lifestyle. You do not need to own my book to participate.

While I will not be telling you exactly what to eat during this program, I will give you guidance based on the principles of Mediterranean eating. Between my food blog and my YouTube channel, you will find many recipes to see you through this month.

I’ll even show you how to prepare some healthy meals and snacks on the coaching calls.

We’ll be starting January 2, 2022, just in time for those New Year’s resolutions.

I hope you’ll join me. Click here to read more details about the Body + Mind Detox program.

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