Find something in every day to celebrate. It can be the littlest things. Celebrations don’t need to be reserved for big events. Learn to celebrate the joys of daily life.

So often we focus on the negative. Traffic was terrible. My coffee is cold. I feel fat. I have so many bills. And on and on. It becomes a habit to focus on what’s wrong.

Take a moment to celebrate the things that are right.

The sun is shining. Isn’t that great?

My infant niece smiled at me. What a feeling.

The flowers are blooming. How lovely.

Strawberries are in season. Delicious.

I made a sale. Go me.

I found a really good book to read. What a treat.

Get the idea?

It takes practice embracing what is good about the moment instead of constantly thinking about what went wrong.

What was great about your day today? What went really well for you? What are you grateful for? How did you help someone today?

Give yourself a pat on the back.

What you focus on expands. When you focus on positive things, more good things will come to you.

Look for things to celebrate and appreciate throughout your day. We’re used to saving celebrations for special occasions. Life is the occasion. What if you stopped waiting and chose to show up in your life today as if it was a special occasion?

Try it. Learn to celebrate life’s daily little gifts. There are plenty of them if you take the time to look.