Visiting my local farm markets and buying fresh vegetables has become an almost daily practice. I wanted to eat healthier and closer to Nature, and fortunately my new neighborhood has several farms with markets attached. It has become my habit.

After two years of living in southern New Jersey I don’t even think about it anymore. When I plan dinner I go to one of the farms and see what is available and in season, and I take that as my inspiration. This is one of the best habits I have formed. I love to eat in season and fill my plate with vegetables.

What Is a Habit?

A habit is an acquired behavior that comes from repetitive action that we perform so often it becomes almost involuntary.

These habitual patterns can be hard to break. And they take some time to create as well.

We all have bad habits as well as good habits. Most of us probably brush our teeth every morning as a good hygiene habit. You don’t even think about it. You just do it. But do we all have the habit of flossing every day? I wish I did, and I can create that habit if I try.

Let’s give ourselves the challenge of creating a new good habit in our lives. Commit to doing something every day for however many weeks it takes until it becomes second nature.

Small Actions Can Yield Big Results

Flossing only takes about one minute. Is it really that hard to do? Of course not. But I don’t remember to do it consistently. It needs to become a habit, so I don’t have to think about it. It can become part of my bedtime routine.

Think about what you want and who you want to be. Are there small adjustments you can make that can become a beneficial habit and get you closer to your goals?

I have a client who has high blood pressure and needed to reduce salt in her diet. She salts everything. She even salts butter when she puts it on bread. She told me she loves salt. I asked her if she really loves salt or if salting her food is a habit. I suggested she make a habit out of tasting her food first to see if it needs salt. She may find that she likes the taste and that it doesn’t require any more salt. It’s a habit she needs to form.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to have a better skin care routine? Do you want to add exercise to your day? Try one lifestyle tweak at a time. Keep at it until it becomes a part of your existence. Stay with it until you can’t imagine not doing it. Can you imagine not brushing your teeth before you go to work in the morning? I would like to get that way about my commitment to exercise. I would like to not be able to imagine a day without some type of movement.

And flossing. I really want to commit to flossing.

Need a Reminder?

I started by putting these things on my phone’s calendar, so I have a reminder, a little chime that signals me to take action. Eventually I won’t need a reminder. It will be a part of my life.

In the personal development world we talk a lot about breaking bad habits. Let’s try to concentrate on building good habits. Perhaps they will replace the bad habits in the long run.

What good habits do you want to cultivate? Share them in the comments section. I would love for us to support each other on this journey.