I am most definitely a night person. I love to stay up beyond when everyone goes to bed and have some quiet time to myself. Sometimes I write, create, or brainstorm. Sometimes I just enjoy the solitude of not having to converse. I have to be careful though, not to stay up too late getting lost in work and then I can’t shut my brain off. Here are some life-change nighttime hacks to help you prepare for bed.

Give yourself time to wind down

If you go from working on your side hustle or watching a crime drama or some other brain-stimulating activity, and then try to go straight to bed, your mind will still be buzzing. Schedule some time before bed to do something relaxing. Figure out how much time you need: an hour, a half hour, whatever works for you. You need to let go of the ideas, images, and stresses of the day, which brings me to my next tip.

Read, journal, meditate

Do something to let go of the day. It’s nighttime now and time to make the shift to relaxation. Write in a private journal, read a book or some poetry, meditate to clear your mind, or sit and think about the things you are grateful for that day. Celebrate the things that went well today. What did you accomplish? What were your little wins? You don’t have to do all of these things at the same time. Find a practice that works for you and make it an enjoyable habit.

Don’t eat too late at night

You don’t want to go to bed too soon after eating. This could cause heartburn, indigestion, and keep you from getting a proper night’s sleep. Our bodies heal and refresh while we sleep. Don’t waste that time trying to digest a pizza.

Set up your bedroom for maximum relaxation

I have a rule in my house: no television in the bedroom. Most of us watch way too much TV. Your bedroom should be peaceful. Televisions are stressful. Not only are they filled with fast-moving images and blue light, they spew out the opinions of others. If you need some noise to fall asleep, try soothing music. Put it on a timer so that it stops at some point and you can rest in quiet.

We don’t only use our bedrooms for sleep, so when you are spending time in your bedroom, you might want to add an essential oil diffuser or a scented candle. Pay attention to the materials on your bed. You will rest and sleep better on good quality pillows. Sheets and blankets should be in soft breathable fabrics. Make your bedroom into your sanctuary.

Upgrade your bed clothes and your loungewear

Don’t go to bed in sweatpants or shorts and a tee shirt. Buy some real pajamas or a nightgown. Have a beautiful robe. These things matter because they change the way you feel. Sleep elegantly in clothes designed for sleep. Keep these items for the bedroom only. Don’t wear your PJs around the house. It’s important to distinguish your bed clothes from your casual clothes. As someone who works at home, I find it important to get dressed for the day. I wear comfortable clothing at home, but I definitely get out of my bed clothes.

Upgrade your loungewear. If you hang around the house in an old ripped tee shirt and stretched out sweats, you may be comfortable, but how do those clothes make you feel? What if someone knocks on the door? Are you embarrassed to answer it because you look like a hot mess? There are many comfortable loungewear options that are cute and make you feel good about yourself. You will notice that you start to behave differently and treat yourself better all around.

Wash your face and brush your teeth, have a skincare routine

I have a nightly habit of washing my face and brushing my teeth before bed. I wash my face even if I wasn’t wearing makeup. I find it relaxing. I love skincare products and I like to mix it up. It makes me happy to reach for my bottle of Trilogy rosehip oil or my Chanel jasmine oil or my Alba Vitamin E cream. I like to take my time and wash away the day’s stresses as I wash away environmental grit. Always care for yourself before bed. It will help you wind down.

Prepare for your morning

Before you wind down for the night, prepare for the next day so you don’t have it on your mind. You can read more about this in my article about Morning Routines.

Now I want to hear from you. What evening routines do you practice? Share your life-changing nighttime hacks so we can all be inspired by each other.