Hello beautiful. Life is beautiful, our world is beautiful, do you agree?

Outside my front window is a wild bush full of white roses. They grow like crazy every year without me having to do anything to help them. When the breeze comes in off the ocean, the delicate fragrance of roses dances through my living room.

Our world is a beautiful place. The sky is blue, the spring is full of flowers, the breeze is musical, the water is refreshing. Life wants to happen. It blossoms without much help from us, without worry that it is not ready, without insecurity, without permission. We’re blessed with a planet that is bursting with beauty, food, minerals, animals, vegetables, people, and feelings.

All too often we move through our day without realizing this incredible fact. We are moving rapidly through space on a planet off in a lonely corner of the universe. Yet we are thriving. We go to work in the morning without really seeing the white roses, without acknowledging all the other commuters around us, without thinking about how lucky we are to be alive.

We let our jobs, our bank accounts, our scales, our mailboxes stress us out and fill us with fear. Fear that we will not do enough, be enough, accomplish enough. We chase our dreams instead of realizing that we are living them now, in this moment.

You are enough. You are so enough.

Sometimes I get caught up in all I am trying to do and I forget to pay attention to the now. I wrote a note to myself that I keep inside my kindle cover. It reads:

“Be a warrior, not a worrier.”

I made this up one day after spending way too much time fretting over something trivial. I put another note inside the drawer where I keep my car keys. It says:

“Stop and smell the roses.”

They are right outside my door.

How will you notice your beautiful world today?