I’m enamored with the idea of La Dolce Vita, Italian for The Sweet Life. I’m not referring to the Fellini film, although it has magnificent style. I’m referring to a way of life, the kind of life Italians live daily. They have an inherent way of knowing what makes life meaningful.

I am going to make all of my choices based on whether they will make my life sweeter. I’m not going to dwell on anything that may not have gone my way in earlier years. I’m looking to the past for traditions, ancestry, and meaning. I want to live in the present, not always waiting for a future to materialize. I will build my future one step at a time, always with joy in mind.

Here are some ideas I will share with you in this feature series:

– cultivating family and friendships

– living with romance and passion

– eating for pleasure, nutrition, and beauty

– dressing myself in luxurious fabrics

– enjoying moderate indulgences

– moving my beautiful body every day

– experiencing great art

– practicing compassion

– cultivating a healthy attitude toward the world

I will not stress out over new year’s resolutions. I don’t need to make myself better. I am not broken and do not need to be fixed. I want to concentrate on making myself happy, making my life sweet, living la dolce vita.

Are you with me?

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