This is part 3 of my exploration of La Dolce Vita, the Sweet Life Italian-style. In this post I want to talk to you about Romance and Passion.

I’ve written before about adding romantic touches to your daily life in Create Your Own Romance but this time I want to talk about the romance and passion of relationships.

Italians are full of passion, passion for food, for art, for fashion, for sport, for living. Italy is a land where friends, and even acquaintances, greet each other with double-cheeked kisses. They are not afraid to touch, to use their hands. They are comfortable with their bodies and are comfortable with your body, no matter its shape. They are not afraid to get close.

And they are not afraid to look. Perhaps it is all the beautiful scenery and golden light, but they are more than willing to eye a pretty girl, or a naked sculpture, or a bowl of pasta. They will look you in the eye and hold your gaze. And flirt.

They are not afraid of romance. They actively seek it.

You too can become acquainted with romance. It takes just a little bit of effort but the rewards are worth it. Here’s how:

  • You must have an open mind, be open to new experiences, be open to finding romance.
  • You have to practice. Practice makes perfect. Hold someone’s gaze longer than you normally would. Start a conversation with the person next to you in line or at the coffee shop. Practice meeting people. You never know when you’ll hit it off.
  • Have a positive attitude. Some people will respond to you and others will not. But that should not discourage you.
  • Use a little creativity. If you sit at home in your house all day, you will never meet anyone. Find interesting things to do where you will meet interesting people.
  • You must like yourself first. If you don’t like yourself, why should anyone else? Stop beating yourself up because you think you need to lose a few pounds, or make more money, or have a more interesting job. You are perfect just the way you are.

The Meaning of Romance
The word “romance” comes from the stories of old where knights in shining armor performed chivalrous deeds, fell in love with beautiful maidens, and lived adventurous lives. King Arthur comes to mind. Be the hero of your own story. You get to write that romance. Why not make it colorful and full of passion? Have a love affair with life.

Let Go of Old Baggage
We all have a history. If you don’t like your backstory, rewrite it in a happier way. Maybe you’ve had some failed relationships. Or maybe you were too shy to ever try. Look back with rose-colored glasses, and move forward with your new choices. Whatever may have happened in the past, it is important to keep your dignity and move on. Keep yourself open to new experiences. The past does not always repeat itself, unless we let it by not changing our behavior, our attitude, or our reactions. Your happiness lies in your choices.

Let Yourself Be Happy
Don’t wait until you lose weight, or have a better job, or win the lottery, or whatever excuse you normally use. Be happy now. Italians don’t wait. If a bowl of spaghetti makes them happy, they eat a bowl of spaghetti. They are happy having a cappuccino with a friend. They are happy taking a walk on a sultry evening. They are happy living day to day. You make your happy moments. Make them often. And you know what? Happiness attracts happy people. You will bring more happy people into your life. And perhaps even a little romance.

Be Open But Not Desperate
If you need romance or love to be happy, you will scare it away. You must fulfill yourself first, make yourself happy first, and look at romance as something extra. It’s the cherry on top of your ice-cream sundae. Its the icing on the cake. It’s lovely to be wanted. It’s suffocating to be needed. Do you see the difference?

Romance Killers
What are sure-fire ways to kill a romance? Complaining. Negativity. Laziness. Criticizing. Avoid these behaviors at all cost.

Do you want more passion and romance in your life? Do you want to live La Dolce Vita? How are you going to get it? Tell me in the comments section below.

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