A great way to stick to a Mediterranean diet is to plan your meals in advance. That way you won’t get home from work late and have to wonder what to eat for dinner. I’ve been there. You get home, you’re tired, and you resort to take-out, frozen pizza, scrambled eggs, or even worse fast food. But that’s no way to enjoy life. That’s why I’ve created a week’s worth of Mediterranean diet meal plans so you always know what your next meal is going to be.

These meal plans are also a good way to learn about the Mediterranean diet. If you are new to a Mediterranean lifestyle, these meal plans can teach you what an entire week of Mediterranean eating can look like. You’ll realize that you won’t be deprived, you won’t go hungry, and you’ll actually be eating the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted. And it’s all healthy.

In this 30-page downloadable document, you’ll find seven days of meals. Monday through Friday, I give you recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For Saturday and Sunday, the menu is more casual. I like to sleep in on the weekends and start my day a little later. So I give you recipes for brunch and dinner.

There are also sections with healthy snack ideas, meal preparation tips, and lifestyle action steps for a well-rounded experience, and a little coaching thrown in too. Remember, the Mediterranean lifestyle is not a diet at all, it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

All of the recipes in this booklet are new. They are not repeats from my cookbooks. I designed them with busy people in mind. They are easy to follow, don’t use any exotic ingredients, and won’t take up too much of your time.

With that said, I want you to learn to make time for yourself. Slow down and experience the joy of cooking beautiful wholesome food for you and your family. You are worth it. Your family and friends are worth it.

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