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Mediterranean Lifestyle Month

I’m declaring August as Mediterranean Lifestyle Month. Last August I posted a video every day to my YouTube channel with what I was eating on the Mediterranean diet. This year I will be doing the same. The difference this year is that this way of eating has become a lifestyle for me. Last year I was testing it out, with amazing results I might add.

I found this lifestyle to be easy and enjoyable. My overall health improved, I reduced my cholesterol dramatically, I lost an easy 10 pounds without depriving myself, and I looked younger and prettier at the end of the month.

There were other subtle changes I noticed as well, things no one else would know but me. I slept well. My heartburn went away. I was alert and cheerful all the time. The little wispy hairs around my forehead started growing in. My eyelashes were longer. My periods were easier. The little aches in my joints (that I had grown used to and thought was part of age) went away. I got up off the couch quicker. My eyes were clearer.

Some of this may have been due to the fact that I gave up drinking alcohol during that month. But I knew the way I was eating was the way I should eat for the rest of my life. I couldn’t believe how happy I felt, even though I was having a hard time with some other things in my life. My Mediterranean lifestyle month was an overall mood booster.

I’m not going to lie and say it was always easy. If you want to live this lifestyle you have to commit to cooking your own food most of the time. During that month I made breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days I ordered takeout and showed you how to make the healthiest choices possible. Most days I spend about 30 minutes making dinner. When I had time I made more complicated meals. But even if a more involved meal took an hour, most of that was waiting time. I had put something in the oven and was free to do others things while I waited for dinner to cook. Sometimes I reheated leftovers and it took almost no time at all. Schedule it into your day like you would any other activity.

I feel like the hardest part for people is getting over the idea of cooking. They have convinced themselves that they don’t have time. If you want to get results you have to be willing to put in the effort. Also, you need to make your overall health your priority over all of your work commitments. It’s great to be ambitious and build up your business or your career, but your health is the most important thing in life. And honestly, after a month of living this lifestyle you will have the energy to do all the things in your life that seem like they take up so much of your time. Funny how things work out that way. Your life depends on it. No more excuses.

August 2017 was not just about food for me. I was more active that I usually am. I went to the gym every other day and took walks around the neighborhood and in the park. I started doing push-ups and enjoyed how nice my arms, shoulders, and boobs were looking in clothes. Seriously, everything got better.

I bought most of my vegetables at local farm markets but also found lots of lovely vegetables at the supermarket. I went out of my way to eat a variety of foods. So while the eating was easy, the effort I put into it was something I had to get used to. I learned that a little bit of prep work, smart shopping and meal planning made life easier. I was filming everything I did that month and that can get tiring. You’ll have it easier because you can watch the videos instead of filming and editing them. I enjoyed it though, so I hope you like watching them.

With all of that said, Vlogust 2017, Mediterranean lifestyle month, was extremely effective and I never felt so good in my recent years.

If you would like to join me on this journey, subscribe to my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting every day in August for Vlogust 2018. You don’t have to eat exactly what I do, but I hope you will be inspired by my recipes and the whole lifestyle philosophy behind them.

To give you a taste of this lifestyle, here are some of my videos about the Mediterranean diet.


Mediterranean Diet FAQs

Mediterranean Diet Results

What I Eat in a Day

On my YouTube channel I also have video playlists for:
Small plate ideas
Breakfast dishes
Self-care tips
Meditations, and more.

If you are serious about losing weight, feeling healthy, and living longer, the Mediterranean diet is your best friend. It’s not a starvation diet or a temporary do-this-for-two-weeks diet. It’s an overall change in how we eat and think about food and life. It’s about going back to the old ways before the food industry decided to make us all fat.

Try it for a month.

What have you got to lose, but some weight, some baggage, and some aches and pains. I’m giving you the next two weeks to prepare your mindset, watch the videos, go shopping for staples, and get your family used to the idea.

We start August 1.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions.

Again, here is the link to my YouTube Channel and here is a link to my private Facebook group, Mediterranean Life, if you want support during this lifestyle excursion.

I hope you join me on this bountiful healthy journey.

Ciao, Donna

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