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Mid-Year Refresh

We’re approaching the midway point of the year. This is a time when I like to pause and evaluate my goals. A mid-year refresh can help you power up for the second half of the year. We often start a new year with particular goals in mind, but as the months progress our plans change, circumstances change, our wants and needs change.

You don’t have to be rigid with your path in life. If you need to make a U-turn or take a side trip, there’s no one going to stop you.

These tips will help you evaluate your current place in the world and help you adjust your path for maximum effectiveness.

Clean Your Space and Clear Your Head

Clean and organize your living space and work space. Clear out your wardrobe and donate things you don’t need anymore like clothes and books. But don’t stop with your physical space. Take a look at your phone. Do you really need all those apps on your phone? Look at your social media accounts. Drop the people who annoy you and block the people who you feel don’t have your best interests at heart. Unfollow people who are always negative. You don’t need that in your head. Limit your time on apps, cut back on Netflix, and spend that time moving toward your goals.

Update Your Inspirations

Find some new music and create some new playlists on your iPod. Have a work playlist and a relaxation playlist. I have playlists for all kinds of events, like my soothing face mask playlist and my afternoon nap playlist. Find a new author or a different genre to read. Seek out some new blogs or podcasts. Try a different workout. Walk a different path. We constantly need new stimuli in order to keep being inspired. If you always listen to the same music or read the same websites, your thoughts will grow stale. Shake up your brain.

Revisit Your Routines

Do you have morning and nighttime routines that can use a boost? Try a new skin care regimen or a new makeup look. I like to have a wind-down routine for the evening, but I enjoy it more when I switch it up now and then. If I do the same things for too long, my routine gets stale and I find it less effective. Try something new. Keep yourself interested.

Review Your Goals

Do your goals still excite you? Do they still seem like something you can do or even want to do? Are these goals yours or were they suggested by someone else? Grab a calendar and mark up the events you are looking forward. Add milestones for your goals. Don’t be afraid to drop something or add new ones. Or pick up an old goal that you put on hold. You’re in charge of how you spend your time. Add these events to your calendar to make them real.

Make a Five-Day Challenge for Yourself

It’s fun to participate in online group challenges, but it’s even more fun when you create a personal challenge for yourself. You get to tailor it exactly to your needs. Do you want to divorce your phone for a week, or turn it off by a certain time of night? Do you want to go on a vegetable eating challenge? Or maybe you want to try being plant-based for a week? You could go on a five-day declutter. You probably already have an idea for your personal five-day challenge that will get you closer to your goals. Don’t wait for someone online to create one for you. Take the initiative and create a challenge for yourself. Invite others if you want to, but take the lead.

Personally, I’m in need of a huge declutter. I’m making a five-day clean-up challenge for myself. I need some breathing space to clear my work area and my mind. This will help set me up for the second half of the year. Let me know what you are doing for a mid-year refresh. Write your ideas in the comments section below, so we can all support each other.

Click the image below to download my free five-day planner so you can easily set up your personal challenge.


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