Even though I’m not going anywhere for New Year’s Eve, I still want to be festive. I rarely wear makeup these days as I don’t go out much. And when I do go out, most of my face is covered with a mask. Despite everything, I will be getting a little glitter on this holiday and enjoying a glass of champagne. Here is a New Year’s Eve makeup look for you.

If you’ve been wondering how to wear all the red, pink, and plum tone eye colors that are in fashion right now, you’re going to enjoy this video. I can always count on Lisa Eldridge to show me an elegant way to wear the current makeup trends. She has such a light hand with makeup, and still ends up with dazzling effects.

I especially appreciate that she has brown eyes, so I can see how the looks will translate to me. I probably won’t wear as much eyeliner as she does in this video, but I love the shadow colors she used.

Here is her latest video for a New Year’s Eve makeup look.

Happy New Year!