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Kiko Milano Intensive Hand Gloves

In winter I suffer from dry skin, especially on my hands. This year has been really bad for my poor hands. They are dry, flaky, red, and cracked. I try to keep them soft and moisturized by applying hand creams and balms. But the cold weather and dry heat takes its toll. That’s why I decided to try something a little more intense. I discovered these Kiko Milano Intensive Hand Gloves while shopping online.

The gloves are listed on the Kiko website at $7.00, but they are currently on sale for $2.90. At that price point, there is no reason not to give them a try.

I thought they would be similar to face sheet masks, the goopy sheets that come in a packet and you apply to your face for 15 minutes. They work the same way. But to my pleasant surprise, they are not goopy like the face masks. They are cream-filled gloves. You slip your hands into the gloves and the outside remains clean. You can continue to function while wearing the gloves. The cream stays neatly inside. They have a very pleasant scent too.

I put on the gloves, set a 15-minute timer and relaxed. Once in a while I would massage my hands through the gloves. They are meant to moisturize hands and nails. When my timer was up I removed the gloves and massaged the remaining cream into my hands, the way I would any hand cream.

The result: My hands felt soft and smooth. My nails looked shiny and healthy.

I give the Kiko Milano Intensive Hand Gloves a big thumbs up.

If you’re interested in trying them, click the link below. I’m not affiliated with Kiko Cosmetics in any way. I’m just a fan of this Italian brand.

Kiko Milano Intensive Hand Gloves

They also make a version for the feet. I will be repurchasing the gloves and trying the Intensive Foot Socks as well.

Ciao, Donna


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