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Lifestyle Coaching


6 weekly 30-minute coaching sessions



Lifestyle Coaching: You Can Have the Sweet Life

This lifestyle coaching course is less about achievements and more about learning the concepts of living a passionate, purposeful life, one that is full of pleasure, luxury, elegance, grace and beauty.

It all starts with knowing what you really want. Sometimes that means retrieving your dreams from long ago and repurposing them for who you are today. Learn to live with passion and make your life a work of art.

That’s the La Dolce Vita Lifestyle.

6 weekly 30-minute coaching sessions:

  • live coaching via video conference
  • private 30-minute sessions
  • self-study coursework delivered via email
  • free weekly newsletter


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10 Lifestyle Upgrades
You Can Start Right Now

10 Lifestyle Upgrades

You Can Start Right Now



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