What was your passion when you were little? What did you want to be when you grew up? Life has a way of taking us down unexpected paths. Sometimes the paths are better, sometimes they take us far off track. Think about your dreams when you were growing up. Remember who you wanted to become. Rediscover your passion.

Think about what excites you and gets your blood pumping. My two loves when I was growing up were writing and performing. I used to write little girl love poetry inside the covers of books. I wish I still had a few examples. I would love to see what I wrote. I remember being so passionate about it. I can’t image what I penned at age 8. I write all the time now, but I haven’t written a poem in years.

Performing was also in my blood. I was always at ballet class and dancing in recitals. Then I was in the school choir and performing at church. Then in my twenties I went to acting school and was performing on the New York stage. Performing scares the hell out of me, but it excites me. It gets my blood pumping. That’s the kind of excitement I’m talking about. Do you remember what excited you as a kid?

There are things we are all naturally good at. I don’t mean what you do for a living, but the things that people always ask of you. Are you the best cookie baker in your family? The best party planner? The best at giving advice? Think about where your natural talents lie.

What topics do you like to read about? What subjects always interest you? Do you like impressionist paintings, Italian cooking, belly dancing, ancient Egypt, French culture, something else?

If money were no object, how would you spend your time?

Write down the answers to these questions, be specific, combine them, look at them next to each other, turn them upside down, meditate on them. Do any patterns emerge? Do any of them spark memories of your passionate purpose in life?

Rediscover your passion. Dare you follow it?