Some women collect shoes. I collect scarves. Italians wear scarves all year round. You never know when you are going to get chilly. You can tie a scarf to a purse strap and then wrap it around your neck when it gets cold.

Scarves can really change the look and feel of an outfit. In this video I am wearing a basic black outfit of black top and black pants to show you how different types of scarves can change the vibe of your look.

Here is an outline of the scarves I am wearing in this video.

Macaron square scarf
I love scarves with whimsical prints. This macaron-print silk scarf was made in Italy by Worldwide Style. It’s a small square. You can tie it around your neck or hair, but in this video I tied it to my black purse for some added color.

Missoni knit scarf
I love the patterns and color combinations created by Italian fashion house Missoni, known for its bold knitwear. This wool scarf is a head-turner and extremely versatile. It contains so many colors that it matches everything I own.

Bright red scarf
This silk/wool/cashmere scarf is by Italian design house Salvatore Ferragamo. It’s long, lightweight, and keeps you warm. I love the intensity of the red. The fabric has a natural soft sheen to it. You can wear this every day under a coat for warmth, or to dress up an office ensemble.

Blue velvet scarf
This Ferragamo scarf is the most beautiful in my collection. I love the way it catches the light or absorbs it in certain situations. It’s wide enough that I can wear it as a shawl. I’ve worn this scarf with a casual outfit like I am in this video, or I’ve worn it on New Year’s Eve with a black dress.

Silver sequin scarf
This skinny, long scarf by Chan Luu is not going to keep you warm, but it will add a dash of glitter. It’s like wearing a 1920s-inspired necklace. I think it looks adorable with my silver sequined flats.

Red and gray scarf
This is a cozy, soft wool scarf by Italian fashion accessory house MA.AL.BI or Manifatture Alto Biellese. I love how they weave the red and gray together to make several tones of each color. The pattern works well to add complexity to a basic black outfit. It’s also a great outdoors scarf to protect you from cold and wind.

All of my scarves, with the exception of the sequined Chan Luu, were made in Italy. They range in price. If you take care of your scarves they can last you a lifetime. Scarves come is all different shapes and materials. Oblong scarves are easy to wrap around you. Squares are great for small accents like attached to a purse or threading through belt loops.

Let me know which scarf you liked best. Do you like to wear scarves? Let me know in the comments section.

I hope you enjoy my autumn lookbook. I filmed this on location in historic Haddonfield, New Jersey, a quaint colonial town that was at the heart of the American Revolution.