We all enjoy a little fright from time to time. October is the perfect time to be scared. The air is chilly and you can curl up under a soft blanket and enjoy a good book. I’ve created a list of scary books to read before Halloween. It’s a list of classic monsters, devils, witches, and vampires. But sometimes the most evil can be found in the hearts of men and women.

You’ve probably seen the movies, but it’s even more frightening to read the books. Here is a selection of classic horror tales to terrify your dreams. I hope you enjoy them.

Scary Books To Read Before Halloween

You’ve probably seen many movie renditions of this classic horror tale about the legendary vampire. Count Dracula has been portrayed by Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella and many more. But nothing compares to reading the original book by Bram Stoker.

‘Salem’s Lot
Stephen King usually likes to create his own monsters, but in this early book he writes about vampires. This scary story about an entire town of vampires is creepy and suspenseful, and will keep you up at night.

Witches, ghosts, and regicide. William Shakespeare’s play is about an ambitious couple who stoop to murder only to have it drive them mad with guilt and paranoia. Was it their fate or was it their desires?

The Haunting of Hill House
Shirley Jackson’s tale is about four people who spend time in a legendary haunted house looking for proof of the supernatural. And they find it.

The Exorcist
This novel by William Peter Blatty is about the demonic possession of a young girl. But is it the girl that the devil is after, or does he enjoy the struggle for a priest’s soul.

Have you read any of these tales of horror on my list of scary books to read before Halloween? What are your favorite scary books? Share your selections in the comments below.

scary books to read before halloween