If there is a mosquito in a room full of people, it will surely bite me. Likewise, if there is a kid with a cold in a house full of people, I’m the lucky one to get the bug. I’ve been down with a cold these past few days and I’ve been trying my best not to let it get the best of me. We’re entering the season of germs, so I’m sharing my tips for self-care when you have a cold. This is not medical advice. This is about pampering yourself when you’re feeling down.

Drink beautiful teas.

I went searching through my tea stash to find all the special ones that I’m saving in case the Queen visits. I mean, really, what am I saving them for? This week I’ve had decaf green with lotus flower, oolong, jasmine, white tea with rose and a chamomile, hibiscus, mint blend before bed.

Splurge on the good honey.

At the farmer’s market I found wild flower raw honey. I’m not normally into honey, but it’s so good for you when you have a cold. It helps flush away germs and it soothes the throat. This wild flower honey has a special flavor. I drizzle it on Irish oatmeal with blueberries and blackberries.

Bask in beautiful essential oils.

I put a few drops of eucalyptus in my essential oil diffuser at night. It’s not an oil I reach for often. But it has a pleasant aroma and helps clear the nasal passages. Supposedly it combats airborne germs as well.

Pamper your skin.

I have dry skin on a good day, and it gets drier when I have a cold, and gets worn out around my nose. I clean my face with a luxurious cleansing balm and a hot cloth. It does wonders to make me feel loved. Then I follow up with a light moisturizing oil. My usual is organic rosehip oil from Trilogy. I also love Chanel’s Huile de Jasmin. It’s expensive but beautiful for when you need a little extra tender loving care.¬†I wake up with my skin looking plumped and refreshed.

Pretty Jammies.

When you’ve got the blahs, it’s so tempting to fall into bed in sweats and an old tee. But you’ll feel so much better if you put on something even remotely cute. I wore silk bottoms and a shirt that says Amore.

Get engrossed in a book.

Sometimes it helps to get your mind off of things. Instead of sitting around thinking about how bad you feel, tuck yourself in with a soft blankie and start reading. Let yourself get swept into someone else’s story and forget your cares for a while.

What are your tips for self-care when you have a cold? Do you have any favorite teas or pampering beauty products?