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5 Recent Purchases That Have Improved My Life

From time to time I like to share with you recent purchases that have improved my life in some way. This post is inspired by another blogger, Sivan Ayla, who often sends out emails with the title, Shop My Life. These are things I actually use regularly when I’m working from home.

These items are all somehow related to my business. I work from home as a writer, editor, content creator, YouTuber, and coach. These are tools I use to make my work day easier, thereby contributing to a higher quality output.

This is not a sponsored post, although some of the listings may contain affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

If you work from home, I hope these items inspire you to up your game. So here we go: Shop My Life.

Greatest Lap Desk Ever

I used to have a lap desk with a padded underside that I could sit comfortably on my lap. But I got tired of having the weight of my computer on my legs. I found this portable desk that stands on its own. It’s high enough to fit comfortably over my outstretched legs, and it’s wide enough to give me room to sit pretzel-style too. It has a pull-out flap for drinks, a groove for tablets, and a stand for books. It folds up nicely and is sturdy. I use this every day.

Canon Powershot G7 X Digital Camera

For years I’ve been using the camera in my phone to record videos for my YouTube channel. And while that was convenient, and I still use my phone occasionally for b-roll, I really needed to improve the quality of my videos. This digital camera has a flip-up screen so I can see what I’m doing while I’m filming. It’s lightweight and easily fits into my purse. 

Gimbal Stabilizer for my Digital Camera

If I’m going to grow my YouTube channel, I have to up my game. This handheld device acts as a selfie stick and a SteadyCam so I no longer have shaky footage. I’m still learning how to use it to its full capabilities. It’s a little heavy, but it’s sturdy. I bought the 3-in-1 version that works with digital cameras, Go Pros, and smartphones.

Portable External Hard Drive

I have several of these reliable hard drives for storage. If you do a lot of work on your computer, you need a good backup system. This hard drive holds 1TB of data. You can back up your entire computer for safekeeping on this one hard drive. You are backing up your computer, aren’t you?

Rolling Storage Carts

On the subject of storage, how about some physical storage. I have about six of these carts. They keep all my product ingredients organized. I have one for essential oils and liquids, one for soap base ingredients, one for wrapping and packaging supplies, one for product containers like roller-ball bottles and candle tins, and more. You can use these for anything.

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